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  1. I really have to thank you for this Plug-in. As an owner of a SONY Bravia smart TV that wont display standard JPEG's, I tried your Plug-in to convert a few, to test and wonders of wonders it worked a treat thanks again.
  2. hey this is really cool for minor skin blemishes when used with a little motion blur. thank for the plug!
  3. BBC's click online reveiws Paint.NET yay. ... ar&q=click its an 20:40 I dont know if US people can get that link *cough*UK proxy*
  4. verily not good news. ... k-Rootkits
  5. Thought I'd hit an all time classic with a update. hope you dont mind.
  6. You know it goes both ways on this, need thicker skin for one. And you can always create your own pdn group elsewhere for 2, which is what I plan on for several key reasons . I dont suppose you know how tedious it is to wade through 100 tuts to find a technique that is truly useful. On the same token some people do well with simpler ideas, and it seems to me that the peer group here is honest enough about noob tuts. Shouldnt take that so personally it helps you grow. Get some thicker skin :idea: People dont understand my art to the point it seems there is pathetic amounts of support considering how much more praise I give than get. Gimme a break. If your peers criticise a tut you should listen, People only advise when they care consider yourself loved if you get criticism at all. That said there will always be an insecure jealous person slamming you when you actually do well. Its not snobbery, newbie; its helpful advice. I am the least praised good artist here, boo hoo I take that to mean I am getting really good and it puts people off. All good points, save one I've never posted a tut, and never intend to post a tut, my artistic abillities are on a par with a house brick i.e none. I know the tutorial is awash with poorly written pointless rehashed threads. What Graphic program forum is'nt. However I feel Paint.NET has that something special (that unknown factor X). So in it's own intrest to modreate the elitest attitude that may send the prospective user somewhere else. It becomes a habit you know sniping at people. You don't even know your doing it after a while. Just because the original 'POOR TUT' poster was'nt thinking does not mean your intelligence should suffer total failure too.
  7. Hope that was sarcasm BarkBark. BTW you know your sig looks like a bowtie for a retro android.
  8. Ahem, you seem to think I'm responding to a 'Tut' I posted nothing is further from the truth I have no axe to grind or feel the slightest compuntion to post a 'Tut' yet I'm still exploring Paint.NET. But I trawl the 'Tuts, section for tip trick and even inspriation. The snobbery that has sprung up of late is giong to stifle people from postig ANYthing unles its a million pictures long and the end result is a Da Vinci. Yes I notice your considered response to try and mitigate the sniping...Did'nt work very well. As to bumping I've not seen much evidence of someone bumping a duff 'Tut'
  9. I'm fairly new to and my original artistic capabilities are limited. But the thing that almost wants me to quit using this brilliant programme is the snobbery in the tuturial section. OK some people post poor tutorials does'nt mean you have to lamblast them, just dont post any reply at all and that 'Tut' will wither and die real fast, any child psychologist can tell you ignoring someone who's after attention has a profound impact, we all have to start somewhere and that includes writing 'Tuts'.