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Barbieq25 Gallery - Gallery update 2 new p. 1


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barbieq25 Looking at your gallery I think there are a lot of new things since I was here last, and your gallery is amazing! If I told you everything I like about all of them it would take forever, but I need to come here more often, (I really need to stay up to date)!

In Jewels I love you “ Precious Time Flies.” The colors, shape, flow and lines are all perfect with an overall stunning effect.

I also really like the effect and depth of MB Series Glass Swirl.

In the Abstracts section there were too many to pick a favorite, but I really like “Ice and Fire.” The shape inside the especially that looks like a dragon, and the use of colors and lighting.

PS. I also really enjoy reading Anne McCaffery, and got the impression you might like that author?

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LibbyH & Midgetalien, thanks for stopping by. Glad you are enjoying the story as well as the pictures.

I'm thinking of maybe expanding the idea a bit & making it into a coffee table book. What do you think?

Welshy, Chad, Helen & Sokagirl pleased you like the Summer Night's Inspiration.

Welshy, the Yam was born out of frustration...son (14, lucky if he makes his next birthday :lol:) bombed out our download limit & for the next 3 weeks we are on dial up speed. Tried to get a pic of the TX but so so slow at downloading & hard to find a .png. All .jpg too jaggy so I thought go with the flow & try Sargon's splinter. Very chuffed with the result. Hubby's idea to make TX Chrissy cards...they held a TX Downunder Rally...even had visitors from Canada come over for it, heubby printed the T Shirts :lol: Hubby suitably impressed with the cards & PDN.


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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I've only just seen the post Possum & Soka have left for me. Thank you both so much for your kind words.

Rant: Why has it taken nearly a month for this post to show?

Cause I'm really really slow. Hey, it's a long trip from Indiana to the land down under. Good thing it's all down hill. :lol:


SAC, WOTW and Photo Manip Competition Host

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  • barbieq25 changed the title to Barbieq25 Gallery - Gallery update 2 new p. 1

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