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  1. Yes, i'm alive, plus i'm (way) more mature at sixteen years old.

  2. Here's my my try I wanted it to GLOW like a thousand fireflies!
  3. Ahem, the images are broken, They say you need to visit Photobucket, weird. I suggest switching to TinyPic, Can't do this tut without screenshots!
  4. Oh Yeah Check This Out A Slightly Different Style But Same Concept
  5. Ugh Geez :? Looks A Little Overwhelming, *Sigh* I'll Try Anyway
  6. My First Ever Pixel Art *Yes I Cheated I Know* And Some More
  7. Here's My Try Click It For Full Size And Background
  8. Nice Tut You Are Free To Use It If You Want, It's Seamless You Know
  9. Thanks For Commenting On My Gallery BTW Like Your Gallery
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