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  1. Yes, i'm alive, plus i'm (way) more mature at sixteen years old.

  2. hates this forum

  3. Gallery's done, see first post :twisted:
  4. I'll provide a screenshot when it happens again, I'm on another computer right now. :wink:
  5. Hey I need Norton any ways i got 6 gigs of ram I'm not possibly running out of memory and a 450 gig hard drive! Top of the notch laptop!
  6. ARGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: this bug is driving me crazy, this log from the new version pdncrash.log
  7. it's been a long time, i'm still dying to know, last advice did not turn out well
  8. you do but then you lose talent at everything else i wish i would have more ideas at pdn
  9. I need some ideas, can you help me? :?
  10. Here's my my try I wanted it to GLOW like a thousand fireflies!
  11. :evil: NOT AGAIN!! Sometimes When i click effects It says Around 5 seconds after that it says That Darn Crash Log: :x pdncrash.log
  12. Thanks, And an update for the gallery.
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