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  1. Sorry, but I had to post this picture of the TARDIS time rotor: (It may be regarded as innapropriate so, it's in hide tags. Hidden Content:
  2. The Daleks aren't related to the Weeping Angels this series. As for the TARDIS screen crack: The crack seen above expands over time according to the TARDIS tour: I am also intrigued, but I imagine that an enemy or something will come through the crack. I hope not as we had that last year.
  3. Episode 3 with the Daleks, is called Victory Of The Daleks, in which they have been recruited by Churchill to help win the war. Episdoes 3 and 4 are both parts of a two-parter, in which the Lonely Assassins* come back. Yes, the crack in Amy's wall, the crack in the TARDIS screen, the crack in Starship UK are all part of the series arc. I'm a Doctor Who freak by the way. "Where's Scotland?" "They wanted their own ship." "Ah, some things never change." Nice reference to the desire for Scottish independence there. *Otherwise known as The Weeping Angels.
  4. I just loved The Eleventh Hour, but The Beast Below dissapointed me somewhat. It didn't live up to my expectations as a story. The acting was very good, however.
  5. This topic is pretty dead! Anyway, I LOVED The Eleventh Hour! I thought Matt Smith was great, especially What did everybody think of him?
  6. is looking forward to Saturday!

  7. ^ LOL! Nice cartoon! Checking out the guys' other stuff, it's good! Thanks for the laugh.
  8. I came back! Been away for a while, focusing on exams and stuff. Good to be back.
  9. It is an amazing logo! Colours are really good actually. Yay! I didn't have homework tonight either.
  10. Yeah, I found it really overrated. Didn't think it was that scary at all.
  11. Not done mine in a while. http://i614.photobucket.com/albums/tt23 ... aper-1.png Hidden Content: Yeah, I'm a Gleek.
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