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okay okay, sorry, i was just speaking like that on another forum and continued on here. could you read it by-the-way??


Huge interest in this SOTW :shock:

A poll is going to be difficult :D

Yep, looks like it will be Vote by PM, if I don't find an external site to use. Not to say I'm looking, but it's an option.

I plan on entering - eventually - no cap plz

There won't be. I'm glad to see so much interest in this SOTW. :)

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Wow. I had no idea there would such a high amount of entries for this theme. :P

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Finally people are entering competitions. For a while there the top part of the GD&Q was dead with old competitions and such. Although I dont know why that Misc Contest V thread is still sticky'd. But it's good to see some community spirit again. :D

That's why Mike Ryan turned the SOTW over to me. He wanted to see it rejuvinated, but didn't have the free time to dedicate to it. And yes, I'm really glad to see so many people participating too. :)

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