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Glass Text [Updated]


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Hello! Today I’m going to show you how to create a Glass Text the result should look like this:


EDIT: I changed some things to give you the best results(displacement) these things are written in Blue

Plug-ins used:

Bevel Selection

Outline Selection

( http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/8318- )

Displacement Mask



0.I took the following background Image:


1.Create a new layer and name it Text. Draw your Text it should be medium grey (808080) and drawn without antialias


1a.Copy the whole Layer and paste it in a new picture named "Glas Mask"

2. Mark the Text and use Bevel Selection:

Dept: depending on the size( I took 15 but it should look like below)

Color 1: Black

Color 2: white


2a.Do the same in the Glas Mask picture, but use Black for both colors.

Save the picture, wich should look like this, as "Glas Mask":


3. Change the setting of the layer to overlay and duplicate it. Finally sum up the two text layers (EDIT:depending on your background you may dublicate the layer more or less)


4. Press Ctrl + I to invent the marked parts. Create a new Layer and name it Border.

Use Outline selection

Width: depending on the size (I took 4)

Color: white

Mark the Background, (don’t forget the holes e.g. in O) [Edit]

Use Outline selection

Width: same as before

Color: Black

Again: Mark the Background and

Use Outline selection

Width: same as before

Color: white

5. As you may have noticed not only the text had been surrounded by step 4, but also the whole picture. Mark the text as shown below and press Ctrl + I and Del to remove it


6. Set the transparency of the Border layer to 125


7. Create a new layer called Light and draw the light reflections using the line tool

Brush width: Depending on Size (10 in my case)

Ends: Round


8.Dublicate the background layer and name it "Displacement" Aply Displacement mask with "Glas Mask"(the picture you saved before) (displacement around 40)


9.Go to the Text layer and mark the background(tranzparent parts) go to the Diceplasement layer again and hit Del


Some more Images(will be updated)

Hidden Content:

Sorry if some Words are not correct I am horrible in english)

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WHY? WHY do you have to Stop XP support?

Don't we have a right to use the new functions?

I love Paint.NET but its time to say:


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yay for the awesome tutorials on the forums! :D

Hidden Content:
pdnmountains.pngThe original image was twice as big as this one...

By the way, the outline and shine you made sorta make it look...unreal. If you blur both a little (I used true blur), it looks a little better. Nice tutorial! Very inspiring.

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This tutorial had some interesting results I could experiment with, ending up with this:


As I had to re-size the logo down to 300x50 for website purposes though, I saw that the details made the text frustrating and hard to read. So after giving it outline, shadow, remove the shadow, remove the outline and anything else I ended up with this result. And I'm quite pleased with it!


Thank you very much, the tutorial learned me a lot.

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