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  1. Just wanting to know how you did those thick-to-thin lines in your signature :)

  2. guess all my work has been ruined. there's at least one in every picture I do. some have many and I mean more than 10. Yes there are some in the dragon. #3 should read polar inversion should be treated as just one tool in making an effect not an effect all by itself. If you are going to use it in an image make sure I can barley tell where you've used it :wink: . ciao OMA I meant that as in, dont use it when you're in doubt, not never use it.
  3. We should make it so: You can only post if; 1. You are adding onto a square. 2. You are putting a reserve on your square.
  4. We should post the final image on deviant art and link to this thread.
  5. This took a lot of transparent -ly pixels to make it look blended...
  6. I love you I havent use PdN for awhile, but now im getting back on ^ | | (In a friendly way.)
  7. Good habits:(Should have its own category.) 1. ALWAYS write text on a new layer, this will prevent from you finishing your 6 hour long work and then there is A typo. 2. Save in .PdN files so you can come back later and fix things, or improve. 3. Try never to use polar inversion, this could ruin your picture.
  8. I would, but I believe its a bit simple, but if you want, Ill PM you one.
  9. Ahhhh! I hate it when I edit a photo with PdN and people say: "WOAH! Did you photoshop that?!" No, I paint.netted it.
  10. Use conditional Hue/Saturation, search for it in our forums.
  11. ^^ Good Idea Anyways, shouldn't you at least add a splash screen with a preloader, kind of like GIMP's? The theme would be spacescapes, and you could make a contest for it GIMP's splash screen:
  12. Please make a tutorial for that When they give awards, im going to be the one that asks for tuts most.
  13. For some straight lines I would use the line tool, but things like diagonal lines, Nah, Anyways, Im trying to think of something to add. I dont think im going to do buildings unfortunately.
  14. I see no reason why not, but okay. Sugesstion for contest two: Plants and trees
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