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  1. You belong with me-Taylor Swift love that song!
  2. A cool addition to this effect is to select the car only and do this on one side then select the background on the other side, kind of like a a reverse. I haven't tried it yet, but it's a cool concept.
  3. This is really cool! What I did for my picture is I took a cat photo, and followed all your steps, but some parts of the cat where too dark so you couldn't see them in the consolation, so I selected them and lightened them.
  4. Do you have the new layer set to "Color Dodge" or "Color Burn"? I love this tut! I added my own twist by coloring it then using the "Alpha Displacement" Effect to make the leaf design appear.
  5. Can you send me a link to that tut? I like this effect by the way. It's so cool!
  6. Hmm... It's been working for me up to the last step. Somehow I can't get the layer to have that "Glass" texture. Am I missing something? :?:
  7. Hi. I've been working with paint.net for almost a year, and I'm new to the forums. I'm trying to unblock "Advanced Tools by LFC" and I can't figure out how. At fisrt I opened it, it was just like all the other plugins, and when I clicked the popup window, it said it was an april fools. I came here to see what other people had said about it being a 'joke', come to find that they can actually use it. Now I've been trying to figure this out for a while now, maybe half an hour, and still can't figure out how to get it to run. They say to read the ReadMe file, but all I see is a smiley face. Can you help me? This is really the only plugin I've had trouble with. I'm using Windows Vista. :oops:
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