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  1. Has returned after a long time.

  2. Man, every body gets a vortex in the center except for me.
  3. Really good, though the border of the orb shouldn't look to beveled. Hey! The light blue orb! It looks like gamerizon's logo!
  4. EST, it's like the third. India, it's the 4th.. I live in the CT.
  5. I messed up badly. I couldn't get the lines to fade in. Yeah, i got so frustrated I quit.
  6. Yeah, I entered with a wierd water fishy thingy..
  7. I love this. I kinda twirled around with the effects, and this is what i got.
  8. Eh... Er.. A vista wallpaper I made using gradient bars. Now to view full size, click on this link. This is 800x600. Yes, I forgot to make it bigger. Bigger version of my vista wallpaper
  9. This tut rulz. I'm awe strucken. This is great, there's no end to my applause... This is what I made: Yeah, it's a book's title. Great job once again.
  10. well, the ball could b softened a bit.. It looks to sharp (you know what i mean )
  11. Well, I've already posted here, but i'm posting again to notify i've returned from a veeeeeeeeeeery long hiatus.
  12. Please don't do that. I'll have them resized to 800x500. UPDATE!!!! PLEASE DON"T LOCK THIS TOPIC, MODERATORS AND ADMIN{S}!! I've updated my images (Making them smaller). If there's anything else wrong, tell me.
  13. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it The Marble Tablet Tutorial, By Gazek I was Aiming to make a carpet effect, and ended up making a marble tablet, so I decided to make a tutorial for it. ****** 1. Open a new canvas, 800x600 2. Use Clouds, with your primary color black, Following the settings below. 3. Effects> Blurs> Fragment Blur; 23 (Count);78 (Distance); 165.53 (Rotation). You Should Have something along the lines Of this: 4. Effects> Blurs> Average Blur; 5 5. Repeat Step 4. (Ctrl+
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