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  1. Gazek


    Axle: 2 Kemaru: 0 Axle, your sig is perfect, and it fits well with the bg. Kemaru, your's is a bit to wild and glowy. Maybe a full border to contain it?
  2. Gazek

    Photo-realistic iPhone (front view)

    This is worth it. I'll make this someday, except i'll unjaggy it. .
  3. This looks brilliant, except the lines look to thick to be lightning. Also, your sphere in hand thing looks to sharp. Maybe making it less round and the lines thinner (A mix of size 2 and 1 maybe)would help. Lightning is considered to be wild; here it looks to tame. Maybe line size one lightning bolts could be escaping from the sphere. Nice tut.
  4. Has returned after a long time.

  5. Gazek

    Faith - Signature Tutorial (Render Sig)

    This tut is beast, shock. Here's my shot.. I admit to changing around a few of the brush steps, and not following step 16, as the sig was meant to be B/W...
  6. Wow. I actually sat down for my entry. Usually i blast up horribly for pixel art. This time it was OK. I should make more.
  7. Gazek

    Pixel Competition #5 -The Results are In!

    My dA av. This is actually my first pixel art ever. I should work more on pixel art...
  8. Gazek

    Storm / Vortex Tutorial

    Man, every body gets a vortex in the center except for me.
  9. Gazek

    Transparent glass ball and magic sphere

    Really good, though the border of the orb shouldn't look to beveled. Hey! The light blue orb! It looks like gamerizon's logo!
  10. Gazek

    Man creates Lightning!

    Well, I was making an illustration for this book... Ah that's a different story. So I was making lightning from scratch, then I had an idea... And man creates lightning!
  11. Gazek

    Abstract Scribbles

    the 1st, 4th, 5th are the bests. You should sorta stop using too much tile reflection, if you get what I mean. But then, it is abstract. Great Work!
  12. Gazek


    2-0, stone 2, psy 0. The background of mario really does it, nice effects. The images and background and text really mess up in psy's.
  13. Haha! Perfect old skool! Looks great and grungy. Now all that's missing is a black and white monser rising from behind the mountains . Text really ruins it though.. 9.8/10
  14. You've kept this sig for quite a long time. Text has some jaggy issues. 7.8/10.
  15. Gazek


    Rightz. Chrisco gets it. His is neat, cool, and effective. I think i've said this before, but musiphonix's doesn't bode well. To sharp. Are it could use some effects. Chrisco: 1 Musiphonix: 0