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  1. is going to leave because paint.net wont support xp for ever. Sad thing

  2. Hello? Anyone out there? http://sendspace.se.funpic.de/Host/comp/alien.png
  3. Most of you might not even have noticed it, but it is there, it is powerful, and it is waiting for you to use it: Discover the wonderful world of Median Plug-ins used: Alpha Mask (http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=1854) There are multiple situations, in which Median can be very useful, so here are some examples to show you how it works: 1. Round Corners Imagine you have a shape with sharp edges and you want to round them, you can try to replace the edges with circles, but if your shape has no background you are much faster if you simply run Median with a Percentile of 50 and
  4. -added the Link to my Glas button tutorial -added Cover
  5. I know there are similar tutorials outside, but many of them use alpha mask which costs much time or have some bad edges. Final result: Plugins used: Align Object: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/4193-align-object-plugin-updated-06172007 1. Create a new document 300X300 px. and delete the white colour. Rename the layer to “Ring” 2. Use the ellipse tool, mode, Draw filled shape, Colour: Light gray (808080) and press Ctrl to draw a circle fitting into the image 3. Use Align Object, center (yes, this is important) 4. Duplicate the layer and name the top layer “Ring Refle
  6. Here It is: Hidden Content: http://frogstudio.fr.funpic.de/Bilder/Hosting/18.png
  7. Update: added Licence So to everyone feel free to use and share them, but if you share link to my website
  8. Ok gonna try this out Note: the updates are named in alphabetic order, the name doesen't have to do anything with the content its just more simple than looking at the date New! You like my work? You dont want to look for updates every day? As long as there are not too much Subscriptions I will offer a kind of Newsletter in wich i'll inform you if there are updates. To subbscribe, send me a PM with the subject Subscription to cancel getting the newsletter name it Unsubscription (no subscriptions by comment) Here are some of my first pics, they are not that good, but everyone has to start
  9. ^ Has a nice signature < Has a website which noone visits v Has also one
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