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  1. Plugin Index

    I wish I had time to try them all! But I don't wan't to download to much stuff... (My pc is old and only has 1 GB RAM) I can't wait until I get my new one that will have 120 GB RAM! Then ill have all of them!
  2. Color Layers

    Totaly harmless.
  3. Color Layers

    Just a little shortcut that shuts off ur pc...
  4. ^ Is right, I hate school! < is kinda boring V is the best thing that happened!
  5. It says enter url of the WEBSITE that has it, but the problem is that it is in my pictures! Can you please help! Heres the image:
  6. I'm going to combine these together! It will make a nice effect I think.
  7. Color Balance MIX

    Sorry... :oops:
  8. Its great! I made an AWESOME EGG!
  9. Color Balance MIX

    I have not tryed the color mixer, but i'm guesing that there alike.
  10. Color Balance MIX

    Here is an Example: It's pretty cool I think!
  11. Sorry, I figured it out.
  12. Color Balance MIX

    This is my first working plugin! Its Very simple but it adds more color and can Darken OR Lighten the image!!! Color Balance
  13. There is a program called Anim8or! It's a 3D modeling tool!