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  1. I wish I had time to try them all! But I don't wan't to download to much stuff... (My pc is old and only has 1 GB RAM) I can't wait until I get my new one that will have 120 GB RAM! Then ill have all of them!
  2. Just a little shortcut that shuts off ur pc...
  3. ^ Is right, I hate school! < is kinda boring V is the best thing that happened!
  4. I'm going to combine these together! It will make a nice effect I think.
  5. I have not tryed the color mixer, but i'm guesing that there alike.
  6. Here is an Example: It's pretty cool I think!
  7. This is my first working plugin! Its Very simple but it adds more color and can Darken OR Lighten the image!!! Color Balance Mix.zip
  8. There is a program called Anim8or! It's a 3D modeling tool! www.Anim8or.com
  9. I did this and it works very good.
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