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Your video tuts are always wonderful. To me, they're more understandable at times because I can actually see what steps you took.

I have thought the same thing since I started using Paint.net. His tuts were the first ones I was able to make something cool. Thanks Yellowman, I have learned so much from your tuts.


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Sorry to not mention that the clock is Google Sketchup, and I added the shades/highlights and Droste effect to it.

Thank you HELEN, Barbieq, Chrisco, Heat Stroke and Welshblue.

:lol: Welshy, I have to admit that I was lazy to do that, the original clock is this, Chrisco, I like your brain ;)

And this was playing with Dents, tons of dents and Transparent Gradient, Step on Deepness


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Now if the clock wasn't stunning enough, we have this piee to drool over! This is unbelievably good! I love the depth & the colours. I am also very envious of the way you got the stars done. WOW! What a fantastic outcome. Pure genius!


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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