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Thanks to Welshy, HELEN, Jim, Barbie and Goonie for your nice comments,


No worries guys and gals, it is my fault, I haven't updated my gallery for long time, I am really sorry and apologize.


Here is a better quality image of my entry in Logo competition #8, hope you like it :),

I know it is funny, and don't know why I created it like that, but meantime I tried my best to make the two figures friendly as much I could.



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The planking texture for the shape of trees is brilliant ... they're surreal in themselves.  


I must admit I'd never have guessed it was your work in a secret vote.  


A really well put together image - nice shading all over gives a 3D pop to the whole piece.


Yourself and Dug should do a collaboration  B)



Yes! A collab from you 2 would be so good :)


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Merry Christmas everyone :)


@ HELEN, Thanks so much I am glad you like it.

@ Barbie, thanks and glad you see it friendly.

@ Welshblue and Goonfella, well it is not my style in digital paint, I do not consider this as a digital paint, even if I painted/colored it in a graphic pc program, there was a lot of free hand lines, and that is what I used to paint on real canvas and papers, glad you like it.

@ blackpenny, thanks you very much.


A collab with Dug? It is so honor to me to do a collab with Dug, I am really so fan of his style, but not sure if we can meet at a point, and lack of time is another problem to me, haven't created any project in PDN, just some simple doodles and photo edit, maybe in the future, I like the idea.


Thanks everyone

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@ Jim, Thank you very much, yeah, I remember it took some time and effort to creat it, I am glad you like it.


@ Anatory, really? I didn't know that, it is my nickname since I was a little kid, translated from word  "Xarda" in Aramaic, which is my mother language, to English Yellowman. Thanks for the info..


Ok, the stones here are real stones, picked them from the garden, put them on a white paper and photographed them in my room under the sun light, then cut and used them in PDN, the small planet is %100 PDN, the big planet is Google Map+Shape 3D, and the background is all PDN, hope you like it.




Here are some samples of the stones:

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Awesome image Yellowman. Great stuff. I love the texture used for the big planet. It might be off Google Maps but the lighting/shadows etc.. still had to be done by you - and you`ve done an excellent job. The stones look like they`ve come from a volcano! You don`t live in a volcano do you? This is hot stuff (sorry about the bad joke sHa_biggrin.gif ).


Personally I would have put the moon a little bit further away or made it smaller. It seems a bit too near the planet but it`s well made and that`s what matters.

Well done Yellowman. sHa_thumb2.gif



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And my Alternatives to PDN

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What a great combo piece.   A really great composition of different programmes and real life.  

... Either a volcano or you've got seriously hard earth worms in your garden 


A great piece mate.  


I like what you did in photographing the stones. I have a new camera & I have been experimenting with taking shots of backgrounds. I love the way you mix the real with the hand-made. Very clever way of using the program. 


I really hope they are not earthworms :P


Well done, Yellowman!


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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I'm still smiling - since I saw it in the surreal comp - from ear to ear after looking at the beautiful rendition of ... aliens? ..... it's priceless and very, very good :)  It must have been fun making it.


I'm now looking, in wonderment, at the way you made the space scene with the rocks.  You are so creative, clever and gifted.  I love your work and I always learn a bit from each work you do.


Oh and Happy New Year to you and everyone on here too   :Tutorials:   :rainbow: new chapter and new horizons for 2013


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"Rescuing one animal may not change the world, but for that animal their world is changed forever!" anon.

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Happy New Year all.


And thanks everyone for the comments and nice words. Regarding the rocks, they are indeed volcanic type of stones, there are to types ,as I know, and called Black Lava Stones or Red Lava Stones, they are decorative stones use for landscaping, they are not natural existing stone in the garden that I picked from, and yes there are many earthworms in the garden but those holes on the stones are natural and not caused by the worms, lol :) I like the joke., BTW this is same stone that uses to smooth the rough areas of the skin.


@ HELEN, Thanks so much

@ Goonfella, I like the joke :), Agree with you about the far planet, I did put it further away and tried some other positions, but this was the most effective size and position, this arrangement creates some optical illusions that makes you feel the near planet and the rocks are moving, of course not every brain would see it that way. I will let the beholder to decide which planet is the moon, the near or the far one.

@ Jim, thanks mate, I like your work of mixing photos and manipulation, too, it inspires me sometimes.

@ Dug, Thanks so much for the great comment.

@ Welshblue, thanks you very much mate, :) I hope earthworms are not too hard by there, here they can barely eat paper.

@ Barbie, thanks so much, no don't worry not earthworms job :). Regarding the camera, for close objects shots I use the Macro option, I look forward to seeing some mixing of real and handmade work from you, I like that too.

@ Nanettealsop, thanks so much, and Happy New Year to you too, appreciate the kind words and the praise, and so glad you like it, we all here learn from each other and inspire each other, that's why I like this forum

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