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@ Possum Roadkill, great to hear from you mate, thanks a lot.

@ HELEN, thanks you very much for the nice comment.

@ Aislin, thanks you so much, glad you saying so.

@ jim100361, thanks so much, actually the chain wasn't so hard, they are just 3 links, played with them around flipped, mirrored...etc,

rendered in 3D Object plugin as a Torus shape then stretched, the hardest part was the mace, it was the only object that I used freehand lines on it.

@ Welshblue, thanks mate, you've got me on this, I was so lazy to shape another chain for the hand ;) , so I used an old pdn leather file.

And the background is very similar effect as this tutorial, PART-2 of it, only steps 7,8 and 9, then another Random Lines layer, distorted it slightly with Dents, AA's assistance then embossed.

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Nice gallery, Yellowman.

Out of the signatures, my favorite is the moving watch parts, mostly because it puts me in mind of Steampunk, of which I'm a fan.

I'm seriously digging your space pics, especially the chain-linked planets. Very clever, sir.

Overall, you've got a great gallery here that I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at. Thank you for sharing.

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@ barbie, thanks so much, and congrats on the awards, you'r right I am not so active lately, life taking my time.

@ minners71, Thanks you very much, and congrats on the award.

@ HELEN, thank you very much, and congrats on the awards.

@ Welshblue, thanks mate, lol the dog, it was the © issue, I was actually going for the brass, but didn't get the right effect and wasn't going so well with wood color. Congrats on the award Welshy.

@ RedBeard, thank you very much for stopping by and leaving a comment, the solar chained system was a disqualified entry for a competition, the reason was I used a stock image (planet Earth) lol, the rules, IICR, stated 100% PDN. On mentioning the steampunk, I am working on this image, it is kinda more steampunky thing, this is just a 20% of the work, not sure if I will ever finish it, the title is temporary.

@ Ahmed, shookran :) , or thanks you very much, and congrats on the award, your nice words did more than that, don't worry.

Sorry, I have to admit that I did not maintain my Gallery for ages, I have to rearrange it soon with some new works.


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I was going to say like always but thats rather trite ...

In this case the awe is overwhelming on that WIP you just posted. Truly amazing not only in form but conceptually. Hopefully you get a chance to finish that. Would be wonderful to see what else that goes with for sure. And I'm actually out of words on this one ...

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Gallery at PDN-Fans

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I like what you have done with the NeverFlied & just love the name too. Those pipes are adorable. The shape of the cut out wings is very pleasing. Life does get in the way sometimes but it is always worth waiting for your new works. Love it!


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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I know a steampunk style when I see one, and this is one. I got confused when I saw text on the image, and realized it was your name watermarked. Are you planning on adding texture or leaving as it is? And I have never commented on your phonograph. That stuff rocked! I remember my first father having an old recorder...:/

Officially retired from this forum. Have a nice day.

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