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Sword beyond beginners level (image heavy)


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One problem: what do I search? I can't go to it, and if I could, that would defeat the purpose.

http://searchpaint.net/ and use the term that is immediately to the left of the broken link from the first page. Oma has helpfully included the name of each plugin. That is what you should use to power the search.

Plugin Index - there is a link in my signature boltbait.wink.png

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When I finish the one im am working on i will post it.

but until then i will say my sword will be of pure evil!

only cause i have demonic webdings and i know a way to make black steel.

BTW: great tutorial, i was beginning to think that my effort were pointless until i saw this and had to do it, lol


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Install the Gradient Mapping plugin from the link at the top of this tutorial.

Then download and install the XML file from the Hidden Content at the end of the same tutorial.

Apply the Gradient Mapping effect with that pre-set loaded to the blade layers.

(Duplicate the blade layers first so that you have a non-colored version available if you want it later.)

(Don't do the whole tutorial on the blade, just the Gradient Mapping step.)

(Be sure to put a checkmark at Preserve Alpha)


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thanks for stepping in to help this member out Sarkut. I'll be at hospital all day so won't be checking in please if you have any other questions Kayreeed just go on listing them in this thread, some of the others will no doubt step in and help you out.

ciao OMA

ps don't forget to post your pic of your sword when you finish, look forward to seeing how you make out.

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