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  1. stone, i voted for you. i love your sig. is that a c4d around samus? if it is could you pm the link to me?
  2. you could be quite right, but as it does happen i have used photobucket before and i uploaded 50 some images and when i posted for a photoshop tut they were all broken. do you use photobucket?
  3. 2-0 chrisco chrisco: that is an absolutely beautiful sig, love crysis, and the whole shaken feel. PDM: not that impressive, no other comments other than your text is just ugly
  4. first thing that went wrong... you uploaded onto photobucket. second links broke BECAUSE you loaded onto photobucket
  5. Very nice tutorial. i worked on this one for about 20 minutes. another tip though, if you use sepia 2 and add some noise it looks much more antique.
  6. Hello, ive been searching for a while now, and i cant seem to find any tutorials on how to use c4ds in a signature. if you know of any or wouldn't mind helping out in the search could you post links? thank you.
  7. i have seen this one, but i think that it not gold as much as a tarnished bronze. i think gold should be a rich bright color.
  8. No, i have set out to find a diferrent way of doing it. using luminosity and rgb curves plus.
  9. Hello, i recently figured out how to make some pretty rick gold text. i was wondering if anyone wanted me to make a tutorial on it?
  10. I have looked into this problem extensively (as i have the same problem on my 64 bit laptop), and my conclusion is that the problem with the program locking up is the fact that you are running a 64 bit system. Pyrochild, do you mind if i fix this problem by rewriting your plugin, and then i will give it back, and you could post it, i don't want to steal it. I just want it to work again.
  11. Does it look like i spilled drink on my Signature now? lol The Word Velocity is supposed to have more glow-ee-ness, but i think it is because i used gaussian blur +
  12. I made the bullet... Then i took it four steps further. I will edit this into a sig tomorrow.
  13. EDIT: never mind, i feel like a retard lol
  14. Heres my go: Lol i mispelled desruction.
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