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  1. Very nice tutorial. i worked on this one for about 20 minutes. another tip though, if you use sepia 2 and add some noise it looks much more antique.
  2. I have looked into this problem extensively (as i have the same problem on my 64 bit laptop), and my conclusion is that the problem with the program locking up is the fact that you are running a 64 bit system. Pyrochild, do you mind if i fix this problem by rewriting your plugin, and then i will give it back, and you could post it, i don't want to steal it. I just want it to work again.
  3. Does it look like i spilled drink on my Signature now? lol The Word Velocity is supposed to have more glow-ee-ness, but i think it is because i used gaussian blur +
  4. I made the bullet... Then i took it four steps further. I will edit this into a sig tomorrow.
  5. Heres my go: Lol i mispelled desruction.
  6. Try running frosted glass over the dents... makes it more... whatevery, cool
  7. Ok... i realize my response was... whatever. i was very tired last night and i really dont know why i got all hostile, sorry. And yes, i agree it is very funny that i replied to a 2 year old post, again... i was very tired and didn't read how old it was. lol
  8. that is an opinion... you could possibly run a pic over it and set it to glow... mess with some gradients and get a cool effect. and you can always change the color Edit:EPIC
  9. i dont know if you realize this, but i have been looking for that effect for 2 hours. so, Thank you very much EER.
  10. hi, im looking for a plugin called "mirror over line" it is not in here. could you add it?
  11. it is good... but it would be much easier to use if it was a render, i can do that.
  12. can you post the link to the mirror over line plugin? Thanks, D.as
  13. Effects -> object -> feather... and i agree, it say on here to change the elipse mode to fill? you cant do that... it also misses a layer between steps 18-23. if someone could explain these things it would be nice.
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