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Sword beyond beginners level (image heavy)

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it actually looks really nice.

alpah mask may help with the jaggies problem.

also another option would be to make the blade 2 to 4 times as big as you require end product to be and then after made resize by 25 to 50 %.

example would be in my palm leaf tut. I made that very large and then at the end resized. I show where to do that in that tut.

but like I said very fine job, really nice with onlt the bare minimum of instructions. That's called being creative and I just bet you learned more by that experiment than many others that have been using the program for a bit longer than you.

excellent A+++ sorry can't find the gold star button :wink:


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I've had a hard time trying to figure out how to do a nice handle for the sword. Here's my try:


I've never used Photobucket before, so if this doesn't show up, I'll have to try something else :)

Edit: @welshblue: the handle on that looks really cool. Did you use a tutorial on PdN to generate that? If so, what keywords should I use to search for it?

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It wasn't so much the wood texture I was having a problem with. It was more just "the handle" itself. I've browsed the forums quickly for a good "handle" tutorial, but haven't found much.

I was even looking for a plugin that would distort something from | | to more of a \ / shape. That way, I could give it a little semblance of depth.

Maybe even a non-wooden handle would look good on a blade like this. But now I'm trying to adapt this to make me some nice throwing dagger, complete with the little groove down the blade (whatever that thing is called):


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Some tut can actually be modified to create handles, e.g

1) pool cue tut by tourist viewtopic.php?f=31&t=22848

2) pear tut by oma viewtopic.php?f=31&t=28453 (for texture)

3) rope/steel cable tut by tourist viewtopic.php?f=15&t=23032

In simple terms, its all up to the imagination or to actually imitate a certain design of handle suited to the kind of blade u r doing..

another simple one i made..



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@Kutoto I see you finished. very nicely done ... it was great chatting with you by PM. and I'm happy you learned a bit more thru this tut.

@Remii9512 yes it is rather long. mainly because I added loads of little hints and pictures for the newer users. I think newbies deserve a chance at seeing they can make quality if they take their time. I tried to share some of my little tips.

@Skitzo well that was a mouthful. hope you try the tut.

ciao OMA

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