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  1. is watching you with a new sig.

  2. I might suggest um.. something like places unknown? Like not just the planets,(although those are cool) but what might really be out there other than planets? Galaxies, Black Holes, Cloud Nebulae.. Weird stuff that one could use their imagination on. Just a suggestion.
  3. Here's my go at it I quoted the text from the Declaration of Independence, the second paragraph. Pictures of George Washington, James Madison, and Ben Franklin were images found online in searches. Font used: Roman Antique.
  4. I already posted my congrats in the discussion thread, but considering that the party seems to be over here, I'll re-post! LOL!!! Congrats, Yellowman! Great job. I loved your sig. It was awesome! And to Heatstroke and Sfifer... wonderful job, both of you!
  5. I'm going with Paint.Mike's I agree with Kemaru. It looks more complete. Paint.Mike: 3 Briamoth:1 Winner: Paint.Mike. I'll enter with this one. Another simple sig. But I think it's kinda cute.
  6. I liked all of the sigs Congrats to Yellowman for a great job! And to Heatstroke and Sfifer for runner up and third place Nice job everyone!
  7. Here's my go at the planets.. I added some stuff from a few other space tutorials.
  8. Hi Chrisco I just figured out what the contests were for... It's okay there was a delay I loved doing it anyway!
  9. Okay, well, here's mine First SOTW entry ever.... I took the picture myself, so no renders were used.... The font is Roman Antique.... I had fun making it too
  10. Awesome tutorial! I am a photography nut, and it will be great to be able to do a little HDR without spending 100 smackaroos on Photomatix Haha Thanks a lot!
  11. Cool! I like it as well... So, I had to try it
  12. I'll battle with this one It's the best one I've done using a real photograph. I like the vintage "farmer" look Not that I'm a farmer of course But, I still like it. Not a render, I like photography as well, so that's where the picture came from.. It really is in TN.
  13. Totally awesome tutorial and result! One thing that I found, was when making the cloud layer over the nebulae, I like to make my blend mode Color Dodge, and that helps to make the clouds look more real, sort of...
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