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  1. Does the zip file contain dll files? I extracted the zip file and it only contains a pdb file?
  2. How do I find the flow if the render's looking forwards? Not towards an angle or anything, its looking directly at you?
  3. For Step8a, whats the intensity and colour saturation?
  4. So...what did you do at step 7c? How did you cut the shape?
  5. I'm stuck on 7c. And will you please make it more clear? http://i1227.photobucket.com/albums/ee421/Kayreeed/Untitled.png
  6. The whole thing is transparent, and how did you cut out the shape using the alpha mask?
  7. Yeah but how do you use it to cut it out? Use line/curve to do it? I tried and it doesn't show up along the edges
  8. Is there a quick way to cut out the shape of the blade?
  9. So I flatten the image without checking the visibility?
  10. Is the emboss on the visibility unchecked layer? And is black the secondary colour or the primary and vice versa for white?
  11. I get it now..I keep on changing Ratio2 instead of Ratio1..Thanks a lot!
  12. Please can you give me some guidelines to how to use the perspective plugin? I'm totally stuck.
  13. I don't understand the perspective plugin. I changed the all the ratios and the image hasn't changed?
  14. When I said I want to make the blade I want to make one exactly the same
  15. I know that tutorial, but it doesn't fit...I want the middle line on the blade
  16. http://www.dwphotoshop.com/photoshop/SwordTutorial.php That is the link to the tutorial, and I want to make the blade (exactly the same), but apparently PDN doesn't have the "Lighting Effects" thing. So is there a way to achieve that?
  17. I typed some random words on another layer (arm below words). What I want is like the words are "etched in" to the skin of an arm, like scars. Is there a way to achieve this? I'm currently doing a project
  18. I'm looking for dried blood stains, and they look a bit like rust as well
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