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  1. You can drive! Unfortunately, when you start to drive for your first time EVAR, you government decides that cars are bad mojo and outlaw them. They also make it illegal for anyone to leave the country. So you can drive...not much good it'll do though... I wish I could go to sleep...
  2. My friend is a Digital Media Design major and he needs a new laptop. He's planning on getting a MacBook Pro. Meh, too expensive for me. Why do people like Mac for design anyway? What's the reasoning??
  3. Congratulations! I'm here! I wish Family Guy was on right now.
  4. I don't quite get what you mean...Do you want to allow nonmembers to post because that would get messy very quickly and cause our beloved mods and admins to have strokes or something
  5. Personally, I don't like how Photoshop remembers changed settings when a new session is starts...that always seems to mess me up =/ ........Just give me default and let me figure it out...lol As pdnnoob said, you may be able to write the plugin with your preferred defaults and give it a different name (Drop Shadow1, Drop Shadow2, etc) and just have multiple plugs of basically the same use...It'd get messy, but it would solve your problem
  6. As far as I understand, constructive criticism is very welcome...as long as it isn't done in a bashing manner...=) As for the stickiness, that would still mean that all the plugin writers, as well as the dev team would have to do major overhauls to "fix" something that is at most a minor annoyance. I've tried to learn how to write plugins. Just putting a "dot at center" is confusing enough. Some of the writers have 20+ programs...If they all had to go through and add in a few lines of code here and there, that would add up fast, taking time away from their lives and taking time away that could be better spent adding in new features that the majority of users are crying for (like tablet support hinthint) ...Bottom line, I although it could be a useful feature, the time it would take to change everything doesn't really (IMHO) equal the usefulness of the feature. Just move your box over. I do
  7. You make an awesome new tutorial on how to make a Space Nazi...or a ninja...or a kitteh...all are pretty epic... Or, if you have a camera...Take pictures and make them look coolio ^_^ I hate having writer's block...or in this case, artist's block...troll dV for a while and steal ideas?
  8. TES: Skyrim is coming out November 11th ^_^ Counting down the days and brushing up on my TES skillz by playing Oblivion mods and trying to get a Zombie mod to work
  9. I generally don't watch sports...I'm a band geek through and through. =D I the Arts
  10. The singer seems to always mess up the anthem...Kind of makes me loose faith in my country...lol I was hoping the Steelers would come back from behind...which they kind of did, but not enough...It was a good game though The halftime show was fail though...It had the potential to be amazing...and I the Black Eyed Peas...But Fergie's mic was all messed up and WHY WASN'T THE V LIT UP?!?!?!!?! Slash was epic though
  11. You could always piece together your own PC .....That would teach you a lot about the hardware aspect... In 2009ish, my boyfriend build one for about $500 and the premade retail computers still haven't caught up to it's awesomeness. We estimated that when he buildt it, he could have resold it for around $1,500
  12. My water heater is working:D...Unfortunately, it only lasts like 15min
  13. New Vegas is a very fun game ^_^...I haven't played it as much as Fallout 3, but it's still fun. TES:Oblivion is also amazing if you haven't played it...I probably know every inch of that map...except for some of the DLC... I can't wait for TES:Skyrim though...NOVEMBER 11 baby!!!!! Yeah!
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