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Magic Circle *Pictures! Lots of Pictures!!!*


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HAHA!!! i just found Paint.Net last night and i was up till 4am makin this.. hope yall enjoy!

lol know that feeling .. was up til 6am this morning sorting a pic from another tut... it came out ok though :D will have ago at this one in a bit .. will post my attempt sooon :D

New here .. trying to learn how to use Paint.net .. any help would be great :D

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Gotta have a crack at this sometime, good tut.

I will try to make it more 3D (maybe a marble/spherical shape) but still retain the glow. It's probably really easy, I just gotta look at the steps a little.

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It's here Zoom Blur Deluxe.  I've added this to the tutorial.

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That you for the tutorial here is my attempt


While working on it came up with this incantation.

Sitting upon the Astral Clock of Time,

Spinning this tragic rhyme,

Lost so much in this short span of time,

I seek the protection sealed away,

In the seventh star of this seventh day,

Sacrificing my right to see my home,

To protect it again once more,

I call upon you now the shield sealed away,


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