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  1. decided to do this one again to make another marble EDIT: changed the background
  2. i may fire up PDN this weekend and see what i can do
  3. i have an idea for a team logo on a game i play, but cant figure out how to make it. so i was wandering if anyone had a simple tutorial on how to make a shot glass with words on it
  4. im gonna have to delay making any because right now im laid up in the bed with pneumonia. went to a party the other day and had a lil too much to drink, causing alcohol poisoning, then i aspirated, when i got to the ER i was only breathing 2 breaths a minute. woke up yesterday hooked to a ventilator and had no idea what was going on. so right now i am in pretty rough shape
  5. removed, sort of forgot what it said lol
  6. thanks for the compliments, heres another 1
  7. any chance we can get the envision layout? i find it to be a lot more pleasant to the eye, and have it set to default for my own forums
  8. thanks, as for the one with ice it was made as an avarar on a game for some1. i have photo editing experience (with inferior products), but this is the first time i have been able to make stuff from scratch, and im loving it
  9. u can make planets , there is a tut on it
  10. im wantingto make my own cover for the ncaa football 09 game and was wandering if anyone could help me figure out how to change the player on it to put in my own (yes im a n00b =).)
  11. alright im still a bit of a n00b so all of these were made using tuts, some i strayed on and played around with, hopefully ill get a better grasp of paint.net and be able to get more creative tho ------------------------------UPDATE-------------------------------------------
  12. just post random stuff u make when u get bored
  13. my first paint.net image, thanks for doing such a well written tutorial
  14. just click resize image and take it down a notch, or use thumbnails
  15. just downloaded paint.net last night and have enjoyed using all of the tutorials. was using this tutorial to make an avatar for some1 on a game i play, got to the end and decided to play with it a lil more
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