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  1. God I'm loving your fractals! And I love how much you've improved since last time I was here. Marry me! :O
  2. W00t! Congrats to everyone who placed! Oh and thanks HS ,and guess what? I correctly guessed which one was yours!
  3. Mike, very unique and nice message behind it! I like the style and and all, well basically what MMS said. Cortez, I like it! Nice color theme too, but I'm going to have to go with pdm. Mike: 3 Cortez: 2 #winner paint dot mike
  4. Well today I attempted my first render sig, and well I like it in a way buuut....how do you guys make it blend so well? O.o
  5. By screenshots I think it means showing the steps you said in the tut, not just the sig. So that includes the interface and whatnot. (I think) But other than that, good tut.
  6. Oh wow I had a similar idea, except mine was to modify existing logos/or make your own lol. Great, I will most likely enter too!
  7. Wow nice, how did you find out about this? Sweet discovery
  8. Nice! I like the colors used in cool (rage), they all look unique, next time you enter in a comp I may be able to tell which one is yours . Keep it up Heat!
  9. Wow nice, congrats MMS! I'm starting to get interested in this type of stuff, so I may enter the next one.
  10. I'm going to have to go with Ai7, I love the vintage look to it csm - 2 Ai7 - 1 Mayor - 0 Chrisco - 3
  11. Congrats to all! Lol J.D., do you always play that game?
  12. Thanks Mayor Anyways, my vote goes to Leonte. Nice eye
  13. Thanks Kemaru! I will enjoy this cookie, did you make it yourself? Anyways, it's coming along good. I have no tips or advice since I'm a beginning pixel artist...Sorry!
  14. Yeah ptuZ entered when it wasn't allowed. It's mattz1996 vs. Trekker47
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