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  1. You guys look like you're having fun, always smiling (: You should make someone use the force or something, that would be interesting. I like your avatar by the way.
  2. I liked your first picture (By the way I followed your tutorial for doing that on my first night with this, so thank you). I also liked the Windows 7 signature.
  3. One hundred million times better than my first. Of course that my first time using any graphic design program at all... Anyway I love it .
  4. I like the Assassins Creed Sig a lot. The gray smoke was a good idea on it. Why not try to make something 100% PDN? If that's not really your thing then that's okay, you're great anyway! I would try to make an abstract maybe.
  5. Thanks for all the positive responses guys. @Goonfella, if you're talking about the starscape, I don't know. I was just wondering how to make one and that's what it turned out to be. I'mm make a real one. @Sokagirl, thank you, and I made that eye thinking i was all clever, then after I uploaded I saw this magnificent blue eye that gave me that mouth-slightly-open-glazed-eyes-amazed-look.
  6. My favorite s the bones avatar. Hehehe... that's really neat. Your realistic muffin comes in close second though
  7. Jesus.. you have some great works here. My favorite is your first signature. I'm trying to make a leaf right now, I was actually going to incorporate one into my own (a new one). So now I'm jealous .
  8. Hello, I am fairly new to PDN. However I have made a few images with a couple tutorials and a little imagination. Tell me what to improve on, or what I am doing right, as I would like to become adept at PDN. Abstracts Hidden Content: Hmmm... what to call this...? [hide] My first creation, at that point I was amazed that PDN could do that. _______________________________________________________________________________ Creations (of mine and mine alone) Hidden Content: An eyeball I made from scratch, it has so much potential, any suggestions? I made a black iPod Shuffle, I think it turned out okay. What do you think? A magic wand..? STUPTEFY! _______________________________________________________________________________ Made from tutorials Hidden Content: A cube.Neat. A signature. Thanks to the author. A glass ball, I should not have used such a light background, huh? An exploding planet. It not half as good as the authors. A magical circle thing, this may be my favorite piece. _______________________________________________________________________________ My Signatures Hidden Content: A signature I named Catharsis, beware of sharks. I was playing with the steel effect and came out with this. I'm trying to put lightning in. _______________________________________________________________________________ Animated! Hidden Content: Haha we had better hope we have such a shield in the future... I like this one, what about you? Stay strong, young one. _______________________________________________________________________________ Other (I don't know where else to put these) Hidden Content: This is my starscape So what do you think of the animated ones? More to come, I have a few that I'm re-doing. Constructive criticism help please :]. What's you're favorite?
  9. This mine, I'm going to make a bright green one instead.
  10. Okay... I'm just wondering how do you put a picture into a post? Someone said something about photobucket but that site is bloody potato and I can't figure where anything is. Something easy to understand please?
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