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Name: Grow

.dll name: Grow
Description: Iteratively compares each pixel to the surrounding ones and takes their values, depending on the mode and threshold chosen. Similar to the built-in 'Median' effect but with more options.
Keywords: median, mean, grow, shrink, erode, dilate, dots, circles, squares, diamonds, smooth edge, bokeh, watercolour, outline
Menu: Artistic
Original release date: March 2020
Author: Red ochre (John Robbins)
Compatibility: Pdn 4+ only. Will NOT work on Pdn 3.
Installation: For the free (classic) version of paint.net, download the '.zip' file. Right-click and select 'extract all' then place the 'Grow.dll' file in the paint.net/Effects folder. For the MS store version, visit the forum documentation (press the 'F1' key when Pdn is open).


Here is a new effect called 'Grow'. I'm publishing it via my website where there are more details and examples.


Download link & examples  (This should work now - Please let me know, here, if the download is broken - thanks)


The image above uses it to turn a photo into a passable watercolour-like image. It has many other possible uses too.
Many thanks to Ego Eram Reputo and Pixey 💗for testing the effect (and webpage).

Please post examples of what you can make using it, or any questions, in this thread.


Edited by Red ochre
Removing attached file as I think I've solved the php problem
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Many possibilities with this one Red!  Could spend many days experimenting with this.


Thank you for the new plugin!  <3  And it does go very well with some of your other plugins.


I've got some TGA and TGM going on here:




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Hi Lynxster,
What a colourful frog - Love it! - Many thanks for posting the image.
Yes it seems to work well after Artything, Scribble, TGM and TGA.
A subtle TGA layer on top (eg. overlay) can work well too.

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Posted (edited)

Ooops! - sorry - will investigate straight away. Thanks for letting me know.


I added a '.php' download counter and got it wrong, evidently.

For the moment here is the .zip.

I think I've solved the download problem so have removed the attached file.


Edited by Red ochre
removed attached file
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