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Label the effects used for layers

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I use paint.net very often. I make a lot of abstract art and I edit photos. In doing so, I use a lot of layers of different pictures, and with lots of different effects. I use so many layers with each of them having effects that it becomes hard to keep track of which layers have which effects. So I was wondering if the devs could add a label underneath the layer names showing what effect it is using, along with the opacity percentage. I made a picture demonstrating what I mean. 


Thank you ! <3


P.S I love this program 

input for pdn team.jpg

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That's what I do.  I type in the blending mode, opacity and every plugin with the settings for that particular layer.

And save as .pdn.  ;)

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2 hours ago, HyReZ said:

Greetings dark_starrr9@hotmail.com,

When you double-click on any of the layers in the list of layers you will launch a box to allow you to rename the layer and select other properties for that layer; Blend Mode and Opacity.

yes I am aware of that, but what I'm requesting is for somewhere in the layers tab to show which layers have what effects underneath the name of the layer, instead of going through each photo to see what photo has what effect one-by-one like looking for a file in a cabinet.

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1 hour ago, dark_starrr9@hotmail.com said:

.....which layers have what effects underneath the name.....


You mean "Blend Mode", and not "effects". In the context of Paint.NET, Effects are a very different thing ;)


BTW I like this suggestion!

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