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Hi, I need some help with captioning images. I want to add a box under the image and caption it, but make sure the caption itself is proportionate with the image, and written under it. I have an example attached, I was hoping there was some kind of plugin that can add captions like these. The only problem I have with manually putting captions is that I want them to be proportionate to the image, so images big and small have a caption that fits perfectly, and matches with other images' captions. Thank you.


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@DrDibly, that's pretty easy. I should be able to whip something up later today.





Try this plugin, and see if it's what you're looking for.

Base Size is calculated in relation the image height.


Effects -> Test -> Caption

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Thanks Toe_head2001,


This is nice and easy to use.


My suggestions for this effect:

- Option to use primary color for the text and secondary color for the caption background.

- Left, Center and Right justification

- Option to place the legend on the top or the sides.

- Font Type choice



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