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  1. Check for 'Translucent windows'?

    I looked at PdnBaseForm again today, and it seems I simply failed to see the property I was looking for last time. *facepalm* If the 'Translucent windows' option is disabled, the EnableOpacity property will be set to false.
  2. I think you mean the text caret (the blinking line at the text insertion point). I agree, it is difficult to see. I should have noticed that. I'll change the color.
  3. TinyPNG v1.0 (March 4, 2015)

    Ok, the source code has been posted: I also add a few more sanity checks to the code, and added some more specific error messages. Again, there are no API Keys within the source code.
  4. Glitch effect plugin - PolyGlitch v1.4b

    What are you typing into the "File Name" textbox? I believe it should be the full path to the file. For example: C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\MyImage.raw
  5. R.I.P. MSPaint

    Paint will still be available in the Windows Store, but I'm glad people out there are using this news as an opportunity to re-evaluate their graphic software needs.
  6. Object of the Fortnight - Discussion thread

    No, any variety (cultivar) will do.
  7. Object of the Fortnight - Discussion thread

    For any wisenheimers among us: When it comes to Math, two halves make a whole. This is not the case with fruit. Do not post an image of two half-slices, and claim that two half-slices make a whole apple.
  8. Greetings everyone, as mentioned previously, CodeLab's "intelligent assistance" now has support for user defined Types. This will work with any kind of Type (class, struct, enum, ect.) you create within your CodeLab script. Here's some screenshots with @MJW's NormalMap script loaded. The user defined Type is Float4; a struct.
  9. Object of the Fortnight #10 – Whole Red Apple The deadline for entries is 2000 UTC (8:00 PM UK Time) on Monday, August 7. Please see the Countdown Timer for exact time remaining. Competition Rules: 1. Your entry must not have a background/backdrop/scene; just the object on a transparent canvas. Shadows are fine. 2. Your entry must be 100% made using Don't use another image editor. Don't use stock images/photos (in full or parts thereof). 3. Max dimensions are 600x600. 4. You may modify or replace your image until the deadline. 5. Multiple entries per entrant are allowed. Make a separate post for each one. You may link to alternative versions, but they will not be part of your entry. This thread is for posting competition entries only. If you're not posting an entry, don't post here. If you want to talk about any of the entries, or ask a question regarding the competition, you can do so in the discussion thread found here.
  10. 1st Place: @Pixey with 12 votes 2nd Place: @MadJik & @MJW with 9 votes 3rd Place: @barbieq25 with 7 votes
  11. TinyPNG v1.0 (March 4, 2015)

    BoltBait is absolutely correct. There is no API Key in the source code. As for posting the source code... I guess I forgot to do that. I'll post it in the coming days.
  12. Missing .msi File - Cannot install.

    Looks like the installer (or rather MSI) thinks the previous version of is still installed. Your screenshots in the other thread also said this. Since the standard solution wasn't able to remove the broken installation, you could also try this tool: It's not idiot proof, so exercise caution. As Rick said:
  13. Object of the Fortnight - Discussion thread

    There's 22 hours left before the poll closes. Go vote.–-filled-drinking-glass-–-poll-open/
  14. Another instance of 'SetupNgen.exe' failing for some reason. 'SetupNgen.exe' is supposed to create it's own log file in the Windows Temporary directory, but in cases like this, that log doesn't get created. You can check for it though, just in case it's there. %temp%\pdnSetupNgenInstall.log Other things you may want to try: - Reinstall the .NET Framework - Go into Windows Safe Mode and try to install from there
  15. That was resolved in version 4.0.17. You need to update.