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  1. @toe_head2001 It was similar to before and how I want to make text proportionate to image. I have an example. What I'm trying to do is say I took the picture of the giraffe and made it x times bigger, what would the font size be to match it? My OCD doesn't let me randomly choose a font size that looks OK. I work with many different images, of different sizes and aspect ratios, and when it comes down to it, the font size should be relative to the picture. I feel like this is different from the last post but I'm still having the same problem. I've tried to find external programs but I couldn't find any to do the job. Thank you, Paul.
  2. I was wondering if there was a way to make text proportionate to an image. I need to add captions below images and want the font to stay proportionate to the image, and look about the same for multiple images. Thank you, Paul
  3. @toe_head2001 I was wondering if you could make it so the caption was under the image, instead taking up space on the image, thanks!
  4. @toe_head2001 Thanks for the help!
  5. Hi, I need some help with captioning images. I want to add a box under the image and caption it, but make sure the caption itself is proportionate with the image, and written under it. I have an example attached, I was hoping there was some kind of plugin that can add captions like these. The only problem I have with manually putting captions is that I want them to be proportionate to the image, so images big and small have a caption that fits perfectly, and matches with other images' captions. Thank you.
  6. I've come across a couple of palettes, and I was wondering on how to install them. When I clicked on a link that said "How to install palette files", it took me to a post about how to install plugins. At the bottom it said "Not to be confused with how to install palette files", but upon clicking that link it takes me to the same plugin forum. Can anyone tell me how to install plugins? Thanks!
  7. I really love using paint.net as my image editing software, but I have one question. I was wonder if I can make paint.net more like MSN Paint in the ways shown in the picture. The picture shows different actions, and how MSN Paint makes more crisp images, while paint.net works more smoothly. In A, you can see that in paint, if you were to fill a square, it would look like the first one, but paint.net produces the second result. B shows making a line, and how MSN Paint makes a clean line, while paint.net has a bit of extra on the side. C shows the outcome of both soft wares if you were to change the color of something using fill. Finally D is again filling a circle, showing what would happen. Is there anyway I make paint.net work like the left side? I know the smoothness is better, but I need to use crisp lines a lot, but MSN Paint has no features as good as paint.net. Thank you.