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  1. Congratulations Dryda nice win. Well done VodkaPrincess,Sasha,Sand33p,Drew and Daniels. That went right to the wire(photo finish).Great entries from everyone and more and more people entering and voting helps make this comp great fun. Cheers Daniels.
  2. Congratulations on 'Marbles' addition to the Galleria.Well deserved. A real eclectic mix of emotions,colour,texture and styles you have created in your latest work. I particularly like Papercut the thumb looks "Like a bird on a wire" and when you open to full view it makes me think of the said song by Leonard Cohen. Hearts:Excellent use of Furblur, which I haven't had the chance to play with yet, very inspirational.
  3. Welcome,nice start to your gallery. Your work looks interesting. hope to see more.
  4. I think you have come back while I was away.Great to see you posting work again and entering the comps.CUTE babies and glamorous glossies.(cool name for a band). Keep up the good work.
  5. dug


    Congratulations on the Galleria entry and thank you for the tutorial produced from it. So clever!
  6. Looks like you have created another cracker of a plug-in Red. You have everyone going crazy with it and creating amazing results. No one has to be bald or have rough floorboards anymore. Excellent! Cheers for the share. Off to play.
  7. Just catching up. This is magic. Thank you so much TR.Off to play.
  8. Missed the chance to congratulate Helen,YM and Pdnnoob on the the Soda Can SotW. Great fun comp, didn't think I had much of a chance when I saw all the amazing entries. Cheers DD.
  9. Sorry for the late reply, been on holiday(vacation). OMG a nomination for the galleria,what an amazing surprise to come back to. Thank you everyone for the comments on Iceberg and the congratulations on Self Sculpture. EER. Thank you so much for the nomination.
  10. Love the cans, love the ice, love the background. It all fits together perfectly.Great work from a great artist. Good luck in the SotW.
  11. Congratulations Welshy,Sasha,Sand33p,and DD. Well done everyone else.A big thanks to the voters. Gratitude Daniels.
  12. Excellent tutorial and effect I will use this often.Cheers.....a wee quickie to say thanks for the share.
  13. Red Ochre,Helen,Welshy,BBQ.and Beta0. Thank you all for the nice comments. Still-life in Pewter,one of those happy accidents playing around with plug-ins. Something I don't do often enough. Iceberg:pg.one, hope it loads ok.Enjoy.
  14. Excellent YM. you have done it again.I will try this later.
  15. I think the standard on all pieces for the SotW. comp is getting better all the time. Great fun comp. Nice one YM.
  16. So much cool and different textures,well done. I agree with what BBQ. and Welshy say, but like Helen I would like to see more digital painting your style looks very interesting.
  17. Great to see you posting again and with a couple of cracking pieces. I think I've told everyone I know about that video,brilliant Back in Scotland next week (22nd) for two weeks.First time for six years.Hope you have been looking after it for me.
  18. Cool tutorial,gives me a bit more understanding of pixel art. I love the depth you have captured in the spacescape.Nice one. I think you got the theme just right with your soda can in SotW. It's going to be a tough comp.Good luck.
  19. Excellent atmospheric piece.I agree with all that is said above about the feel of the whole composition. Nice job.
  20. http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/097/1/5/still_life_in_pewter__by_therawatom-d60r4uk.png "> http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/097/1/5/still_life_in_pewter__by_therawatom-d60r4uk.png Eureka! I think I've done it. Thank you so much BBQ.Welshy,Pdnnoob and Skullbonz. I am glad you liked the graffiti,I collect it where ever I am on my travels, one of my anorak hobbies. Anyway Still life in Pewter... PdN. I will think about adding It to my gallery but not today, that editor still scares me Just got to find out where things are in Google Chrome now. Again thank you.
  21. Pdnnoob. When I right click I don't get" copy image location"all I get is "copy" which I have tried,no joy I am pretty sure this About:Blank is something to do with it.
  22. When I click on download image, I get the image on a new page but with no code. All I get is About:Blank. I understand about the thumbs and brackets,I think. My last post was me trying a workaround, but no joy. The code you have above I can't see that anywhere on DA. I am looking into About:Blank. I am reading it's some kind of spyware that hi-jacks your frontpage (browser) or a list of other things that are just going right over my head. I am probably the last person on here that still uses IE never had any reason to change to firefox,chrome.....maybe it's time. Head nipping.
  23. http://therawatom.deviantart.com/gallery/#/art/San-Vincent-Graff-II-385067132?_sid=69bbec38 "> http://therawatom.deviantart.com/gallery/#/art/San-Vincent-Graff-II-385067132?_sid=69bbec38 Testing 1 2 3
  24. Congratulations Helen,DD,Sasha and Mottoman. Well played everyone. Thank you, to all, that took the time to vote. Cheers DD.
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