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  1. blackpenny: Thank you so much for taking the time, your comments spur me on. BBQ.: Cheers,the nose and face in Punkoid was,like a lot of times supposed to be the start of something kind of normal,but I just can't do it. My imagination takes over every time. Thanks so much for the cool comments. Helen: Thank you, your comments here and on DA always gladden my heart. I think mixed-media is the work I am enjoying the most just now. Sasha: Cheers for the wee visit. It is much appreciated. I am glad you re-posted your comp entry.I was there 2 years ago, you have to just keep going, it will soon pass.Just keep enjoying what you are doing. Welshy: As I said to BBQ. sometimes I start out kind of normal but just can't finish it. Maybe this is my normal. Anyway your comments always keep me going. A big thanx. Nanette: Thank you for such a cool compliment (humbled). I am glad I make you smile, no matter what time of day it is. Red ochre: I know everyone has been having nightmares with their galleries. I am just glad that EER. helped me out with my gallery or It would still be in a mess. Cheers for all the cool comments,you do have the knack for art critique.
  2. Welcome and cool start to your gallery. The pastel colours,the render,the font and C4D really work well together.Nice job!
  3. I like all the new stuff, as before the detail is amazing. I think your work has a steampunk feel to it, but in your own style.Investigating some other steampunk art might inspire you for your pants problem. Keep up the good work.
  4. Good to see you have started a gallery and a nice start at that. I like the way you work your colours. The concept of the first image is my fav, something a wee bit different. The dictionary referance added in there, clever idea. Keep up the good work.
  5. OMG.You have come on in leaps and bounds since my last visit.Keep eating up all the great advice your getting and your work will be the better for it. Congratulations on your award you really deserved it.
  6. At long last I have (with a big,huge,enormous help from EER.) got my gallery back together again.That was a nightmare, especially when I don't have a clue how this stuff works. I know a lot more now. Good tip EER. gave me (everyone probably already knows, but just in case) is to save the code in the editor to a text file as backup. I would never have thought of that. I am only a lowly artist after all. Anyway 3 new pieces.Enjoy.
  7. Congratulations Nanettealsop,nitenurse and especially Simbul 1, impressive entry on your first comp. A big thank you to everyone that took the time to vote and well done to everyone who participated. This is what is keeping this comp healthy and alive. Cheers NN.Grand job!
  8. Some super cool new additions to your gallery.I like the wee bit humor in there, art doesn't have to be serious all the time. Nice new sig.
  9. Cool new pieces. I particularly like Comets Tail a different take on the spacescape.Neat job on the photo restoration, well done.
  10. It has been a wee while since my last visit and it's great to see how quickly you have advanced.You definitely have a handle on the ClipWarp plug-in.The Tubular Bells piece is well clever.Nice one!
  11. Love the combination of cool and warm tones and the quality of detail as usual impeccable. She is definitely saying don't mess with me.Nice job!
  12. Some cool pieces you have produced while creating this potentially hot plug-in.The different ideas being created by everyone is astounding.You should be very proud of your plug-in skills. Artist and plug-in developer what an amazing combination.Thank you for sharing it all with us.
  13. Somebody has been hard at work. I do sigs for people as well and like you said above some of the briefs are miles away from how you think but the challenge is amazing and the response the people give to what you have created is priceless. The main thing for me is the challenge it produces work that I would never have dreamed of. I think you are making a lot of people very happy. All the sig are great and very inspiring. I know where to come when I run out of ideas. I particularly like the Katrina ones, the colour combination fits brilliantly. Good to see you back on full flow.
  14. Cheers BB for this fun show that provides warm recognition to everyone involved in these forums. Well done fellow PDNers!
  15. Used the glass hi-lights to make some balloons. nitenurse. Nice effect, it is like looking out the rear window of a car and it's raining. Thank you Red ochre and Null54 for a great share.This has loads of potential.
  16. Congratulations to nitenurse and nanettealsop.Photo finish at the end there.Nice entries from everyone, which makes the voting harder to choose.Thanks to the peeps who did vote. Again NN nice one.
  17. Just about missed this one.Excellent colour combination, background really making that foreground pop.Hi-lights,shadows and gradual transparencies all coming together to make one nice piece of eye candy.Nice one!
  18. Good to see you are still working at the tutorials,I can see by your progress you are coming on in leaps and bounds.Nice touch the fingerprints on the cube.Very impressive,keep them coming.
  19. dug


    Nice composition,depth and use of garden implements.Amazing what a little imagination can produce.This is like an image taken by the Hubble telescope.Really great piece of work.
  20. I hate the word cute,not very macho, but you just keep making me use it.One of those adjectives that totally sums up most of your subject matter. .Powerfull use of depth of field making it photographic.Well done,Otto is cute, cute, cute!
  21. Nice start to your gallery.I like the pastel colour theme to your cover.Check out the splatter plug-in which I think is part of Pyrochilds pack,then you can make you own splatters.Hope to see more work from you soon.
  22. Looking good,if that is the initial result, can't wait to see and try the finished product.
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