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  1. First chance I have had to visit your gallery.You have done so much in such a short time.You have some nice ideas happening keep it up. Good to see you participating in the comps aswell, all good fun.
  2. Cool start to your gallery,nice intricate detail on all aspects of your clockwork piece. Great to see you getting and taking advice from some of the best on this forum.Keep up the good work.
  3. It's been a wee while since I've looked in on the forums so a belated congratulations on the Galleria entry.Excellent piece well deserved. The sheen and textures in the knot pieces are cool they would make excellent jewelry.Yellowman's PDNing videos are the best (IMHO). I always keep them handy. I've just noticed the date on your last entry,looks like i'm first for a change.Anyway cool interesting work keep it coming.
  4. Updated gallery looking good,I wish I had your patients. I have really enjoyed going back and remembering how brilliant your older work is.It has been fun.
  5. Cool start to your self-promotion (gallery). I have been AWOL for the past 2-3 months so you can imagine my delight to come back to find all these new plug-ins. On the art side you have some interesting ideas.Keep up the art and the plug-ins. Thank you for sharing.
  6. Cool start to your gallery. I am liking your use of perspective and a square canvas in your space scenes. Interesting work.
  7. Sorry Helen late again. I have to agree with everything that is said above. Your art like your character is beautiful. Congratulations on the Galleria entry,well deserved.
  8. Helen,Daniels,Welshy,Red Ochre,Sasha.BBQ,Red Beard,Julio and Beta0. Sorry it has been a while in making this reply.You all know I appreciate your comments. You people are what keep me going here but lately I have been a bit despondent. My wife has banned me from trying to use Photobucket because it is turning me into "a not very nice person" (I won't say what is really being said but it is not for the delicate or fainthearted!) In saying that I have actually managed to post something from Photobucket in SOTW so that's a step forward. I've been reading that some of you have still been having trouble with your galleries so I'm rather frightened to touch mine after the last fiasco that I ended up with. I've put some new pieces into DeviantArt and hopefully will try to display them here soon. Thank you all for your comments and encouragement!
  9. Congratulations, Drewdale,Daniels,Doughty and Minners. Well done everyone who participated and voted. Nice job DD.
  10. dug


    Welcome. Nice start to your gallery. Love the simplicity of your avatar. Hope to see more of your work soon.
  11. Congratulations on the Galleria piece,I knew you had something cool happening with this piece. Nice fun concept with the stones. I hope your friend was impressed.
  12. You have been busy,struggling to keep up with it all. Yet another batch of hallucinogenic eye candy. I love the way your work is quite futuristic,modern, but it always takes me back to some really nice memories. Cheers for that. Excellent bunch of out side the box work.
  13. Good to see you posting again. I have missed your flare for intricate details. Your latest piece no exception,not just the guitar but the wall as well.Photo-realism at it's best.
  14. Good to see you have finished your WIP. The Newtons Cradle fits in there perfectly with the more futuristic pieces. Cool job on the chair. The whole image comes together very nicely. You have to watch programmes like Star Trek just to keep your imagination alive (that's my excuse anyway).
  15. Good advice about your cyber wasp it will come in handy sometime. I have a huge stock PdN. folder as well as stock photos. Fragile:I think it has all been said by everyone and I agree with it all. The perfect colour combination that makes that eye candy shine.Really nice work! Cool egg,nice use of cell texture. I know I am late as usual but Happy Easter anyway.
  16. I think it has all been said above,two good clean pieces. It's great to see your understanding of the blend modes, for me, one of the best tools we have at our disposal. Nice work keep em coming.
  17. EER. First chance I have had to thank you for all your time and excellent work you do on this never ending task. Good man yourself!
  18. Sorry to read about your father. Yourself and Welshy are not having a very good time at the moment. Death Came in Stages: Dark,moody, sombre colours with the transparency taking you into the depth of the background. I can feel your experience.Excellent emotive piece. Paws: What a fun concept (getting inspiration here). The combination of foreground and background really works well. Clever piece.
  19. Helen you have done it again, I think Welshy said "magical" I don't think there is a better word to describe the whole image. Colour combinations and textures as usual spot on. I think the shape of the H really adds to the magic. Another class act well done.
  20. Ragdoll: Thank you for taking the time to look at my work. I see your dad is posting again,that can only be a good thing for us. Maybe we will see some work from you soon. BBQ: They don't have to be frilly,just red. 3 new pieces. one pure PdN.the other two mixed media. Hope PB is playing the game.
  21. Congratulation Minners, EER,Doughty,Skullbonz,BBQ and Yellowman. Well done everyone else. I love seeing all the different interpretations on the theme in this comp. Great fun. Nice one DD. Chocolates are in the post.
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