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  1. Pixey,Drew,Helen,Oceana,Welshy,DarkShock and Daniels: thank you all for your nice comments and encouragement. Sorry for the late reply,been a bit busy and forum has been quite. DS and BBQ. The red in the sink is jam.When my wife was making jam she had a small accidental spillage( in perfect light conditions) so I had to have a photo before it was cleaned up. DS, sorry I was a bit late reading your last post. Not too much into Halloween. http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/302/b/4/font_fun__by_therawatom-d6s8e1j.png Font Fun. Edit: forgot to copy image code,Sorry.
  2. Welcome, nice start to your gallery.I like the minimal feel to both pieces. Hope to see more soon.
  3. Some excellent new techniques ( quite grungy ) with just the right colour combinations. I love how creamy-silky you have got the twist piece. Cool work, keep it up.
  4. Hi, welcome to the forum and what a great start you have made to your gallery. I particularly like the piece you have made your avatar(reminds me of Wassily Kandinsky 's work). Keep it up. 800x600 is max size. Most people use thumbs in their galleries.
  5. dug


    Been a bit busy I've not looked in for a couple of weeks. Someone else has been busy. Really liking the new smudgy background pieces. Love the new sig,colour combo is excellent.
  6. I think it has already been said above, but I have to say it again clean, crisp, professional with popping colour combinations. Excellent! Welcome to the forum.
  7. Akira,The Fallen Crow and now KarasuFate. (totally confused ) I did say in one of your threads nice work and cool start to your gallery,I still mean it. Glad to see you have met up with DarkShock he'll keep you on the right path.
  8. Cheers Red,looks like another cracker with loads of potential.Downloading to play with now. Nice share!
  9. Good Grief!! What have I done .Oh well, I could do with some time out. Cool new sigs DS and NN.
  10. Congratulations Daniels,well done everyone else. Another great fun comp. Cheers DD.
  11. Congratulations Welshy,well done BBQ.,Pixey and Skullbonz. Cool entries from everyone. All good clean fun. Cheers Daniels.
  12. uoriwoh: thumb not working and my eyesight isn't that good so can't comment except to say it looks interesting. p0th3ad: Very surreal. Nice one.
  13. Welcome to the forums.Cool start you have made to your gallery.Nice subtle,pastel colour combinations you have in all your pieces.Keep it up. Check out the videos in DarkShock's gallery you might find them interesting.
  14. Cheers BBQ. I am glad you liked my time out, fun pieces. Forum a bit slow just now, must be the excitement of V 4.0. Sadly I am still on vista so no new PdN. for me .Aw well.
  15. Excellent new space pieces. I just love how you do your clouds (gases) in particular #189. Nice work,well done.
  16. Congratulations Helen, well deserved. Cute,cute,cute.
  17. That looks pretty cool to me but I'm no expert. If you get a chance have a look in Darkshock's gallery and check out his amazing videos.
  18. BBQ. EER, Welshy, Helen, Daniels, Pixey, Matt0815 and Drew. Thank you all for your cool comments. When you have used words like unsettling,eerie and spooky, I feel I have achieved what I set out to create. http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/278/d/e/kitchen_sink_drama__by_therawatom-d6panjq.png http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/279/3/9/honey_mamba__by_therawatom-d6pf4b6.png Again, cheers to you all. Two more fun pieces. Enjoy.
  19. Welcome. Cool start to your gallery.Nice use of fonts (love the Red Shoe Rebels,made me smile) and backgrounds to make your subjects pop. You should enter SotW. it's a fun comp. Keep doing the tutorials and having fun.
  20. Alice: like something straight out of a Disney animation. It got my vote in SotW. because of the colour combination and it's minimalism. Well deserved win.
  21. Thumb working perfectly now. Nice one you guys, as I think I said in DS's gallery an amazing collab combo. Well done.
  22. Nice characters,the PdN. background really makes them pop.
  23. Two very interesting pieces (minimalistic). Nice use of custom brushes and transparent gradients. Well done.
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