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  1. Cool new pieces, you have been hard at work. You seem to have Clipwarp eating out of your hand. Your arrow and Dead End pieces are very well done. Keep up the good and interesting work.
  2. I prefer the first one,maybe try some text fading into the center giving it even more depth. Both pieces cool idea. Keep up the experimenting.
  3. A smiley with attitude,nice work. Welshy's advice and your mods have made a big difference to the star piece.Well done.
  4. This is a bit different. Love the gold filigree, combines nicely with the colours and the frame.Nice work. I've just realised I haven't used the word cute. I'll keep that for the film star in your new avatar.
  5. Like everyone says cool banner,nice combination of shadow and hi-lights.Red ocher should be pleased how far you have taken clipwarp and Escher if he was still alive. I know your work on Fans so I am glad you have started a gallery here.Nice one.
  6. Helen: Back in the early 70's when I first started painting I used acrylics and magazine cut outs. Then I moved to oils and gave up the cut outs,but I also took up photography,I never mixed the two until now. I have never touched a real brush since I discovered PdN.(Over two years now). I do miss the smell of linseed oil but not turps. Welshy: Your right about PiB being a bit flat my concentration was on trying to get the black paint to look wet. I think a shadow at the handle might just help with the hi-lights as well.Good call. Drewdale: Cheers for taking the time for a wee visit. All my life I have studied light and shadow, when you do that the detail comes naturally. I am glad you enjoyed my work. Blackpenny: Wow!... That is more than enough for me.Good to see you have started a gallery. Pixey: I do quite a bit of political work(just now I am working on an anti-bullfighting poster) so I try to do more humorous not so serious work on here.I just love when people say I make them smile. A big thanks to everyone much appreciated.
  7. Well done Yellowman,Ventor1 and Red ochre. Excellent turnout and all great entries for what I thought would be a difficult theme.Nice choice Pixey,it cleaned some of the cobwebs out of my head to come up with something. Escher: mathematical,artistic genius. CHEERS NN.
  8. Cheers EER. you are a gentleman and a scholar. Minners 71, Thank you for taking the time and such nice comments. I am glad I made you laugh. It was good to read how well you did in your sporting events,pity about the the time-keeper part. Love the new sig. I have missed your weekly sig change.
  9. Welcome to the forum and cool start to your gallery. You don't have to say anything clever, let your art do it for you. Hope to see more pieces soon.
  10. Great start to your gallery.You have some interesting ideas going on here.Keep up the good work. Love the sig.
  11. What a beautiful,warm,glowing image. I think it says love all over it. Very apt for the time of year. Nice one Helen.
  12. Nice colour combination and feathery piece. "Bling" that's a great word. I have just finally learnt how to spell nanettealsop and your changing it back to Pixey,oh well that's easier to spell and not so many letters.
  13. Wallpapers, brilliant in their own different ways. Happy Days: brings a smile. Australia: wish I was there. Deep Ocean: fear and my phobia with deep water. I adore the plants in Australia very surreal. Nice job on them all.
  14. Welcome and what a cool start to your gallery. Your style and amalgamation of the different software is very interesting. Nice work.
  15. Beautiful tribute, just the right amount of darkness, very apt.
  16. Good to see you are advancing every time I look in. Nice touch with the Fisherman (DS also has a transparency slider witch I find handy sometimes) and the collab with Welshy is excellent. Love your entry in LotW. Keep up the good work.
  17. Nice start to your gallery. I particularly like your self-portrait, the depth of field and mute colours fit perfectly. Nice job. I like the style of your sig, just black and white,It works for me. Hope to see more soon.
  18. Miley&Bean: Yet again another cutie. I admire your style and accuracy. Collabs would be great fun if we all had more time,I am lucky, these days, if I manage an hour a week on these forums. Still, you and Aislin that would be a sight to behold.
  19. Congratulations: Nanette,Welshy and BBQ. Yet again another fun comp.Well done everyone else. I thought all the entries were excellent, considering the sig format. Cheers NN.
  20. All the best ma man hope it's a good one.
  21. Just about missed this one. You really have a handle on Clipwarp. It is quite impressive what everyone is producing using said plug-in. As you said above about Object edge a great plug-in (maybe a wee bit underrated) but the artistic side to Red ochre knows what he wants from his plug-ins. I think that makes a big difference. Anyway another cracking piece. Congratulations on the commission you deserve it.
  22. Another set of impressive pieces. It seams endless what you (everyone) can come up with using Clipwarp. I have taken a copy of your above post to use when I have more time.Hope you don't mind. I sort of worked out the gradient was important while I was playing around with the plug-in.Your above post will help greatly. Thanks for sharing your work and knowledge.
  23. Impressive start to your gallery.I like how you make the colours flow and glow. I particularly like the piece you have used as your avatar.Nice work all round.Keep creating and enjoying what you do.
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