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  1. Loved the video, really makes people see and appreciate the work involved in creating pieces like this. You have a great eye for detail which shows in all your work.
  2. You have some very interesting ideas throughout your gallery.You have a cool style with all the different fonts you use.Love the simplicity of your latest sig. Play and Stop, again cool use of fonts. Nice work.
  3. You have been busy since my last visit. Your skill using PdN is improving all the time.Keep up the good work. To edit title you have to click FULL EDITOR. when posting your images. Your image sharing host should have a thumb code to use. Hope this helps
  4. You have some very interesting ideas going on with your latest batch of work. Love the stained glass pieces,they remind me of metallic fired tiles from way back. Nice effect. That background to the earrings really make them pop. The coloured droplets could have been a winner in the SotW. Cool work on the website.
  5. Really enjoyed looking at your latest work.Very interesting style. I prefer inside the downpour.
  6. Good to see your hanging in there, we all have artist block now and again. What a cool illusion to come back with. Love the sign,very 60's pop-art. I think the colour combinations used in the orb piece really make it clean,smooth and glowing. Nice work.
  7. Sorry for the late reply,busy,busy,busy. Pixey: Thank you for the nice comments. I think PB is driving everyone crazy. I don't have time to change to somewhere else.All my works are PNG. The mess with the galleries before, now this, I am slowly losing interest. Blackpenny: I am glad you liked Over Easy. Just a bit of fun. I have been following Pixey's post. When Skullbonz mentioned that everything in PB was to be J PEG in the future that just finished me. Sasha: Cheers for taking the time and nice comment. Drydareelin: Thank you for such nice comments. I always try to keep things interesting. BBQ: Cheers for the encouraging comments. Here in Spain, red underwear is meant to be lucky. Welshy: When I stop having madcap ideas, then it will be time to give up. Cheers for the cool comments. Shinichi Okazaki: Thank you for taking the time to visit. Your comments and compliments are much appreciated.
  8. dug


    Congratulations on your two pieces for the Galleria. Well deserved. Nice one.
  9. Congratulations Minners,Nitenurse,Sasha and Blackpenny.Great entries all round.Looking forward to the next comp. Cheers to the new host DD.
  10. Red ochre: I've done the feedback thing. Everything seems to be centered around Facebook(social networking sites) and they are not interested in the people who made their site so popular before Faceache. Anyway, cheers for all the cool comments. P.it B. inspired by the Stones classic. I love how music influences me. Magritte being one of my heros,what a great compliment. Skullbonz: Cheers for taking the time for a wee visit. If the concert was in Scotland in '69 that was me. Drewdale: Thank you for passing through and giving such cool comments, much appreciated. The SotW is going to be a tough comp, so many class entries. Which is a healthy thing and great fun. Helen: Thank you so much, you really know how to make me blush. Daniels: Befuddled, that's the kind of response I like. You have made my day. Thank you for the wee visit.
  11. Love the new gallery banner and the new spacescapes, always very interesting with loads of detail to mull over. Nice job!
  12. That's one funky,fun wallpaper you have created.Love the pastel colours. Nice work.
  13. Welcome to the forums. Awesome start to your gallery,really cool style you have. I particularly like your latest piece (Crucifixion). Very surreal. Keep up the good work.
  14. I like your new banner, fits well with the images you are producing.Nice call from Sasha, I think I prefer the b/w version,really gives the sky life. Heavens open,nice one, all the shades of blue work well together, it would make a cool Album cover(cd cover). Just add the name of your band.
  15. Sorry for the confusion,that's why I leave this type of stuff to Welshy,YM and BBQ. I am hopeless at explaining things.If your background and wood texture are on separate layers move the wood texture down horizontally or use rotate/zoom. Wood texture showing one third,background showing two thirds.When your happy,merge,start your clipwarp sequence. Your background has to be the whole canvas. I bet your even more confused.
  16. I have just had a two hour battle with Photobucket trying to load up some new work.I thought this carry-on was all fixed. If there is any problem seeing the images you can try DA. Link under my sig.
  17. Amazing image. My first thought, like YM's, was lathe cuttings. Excellent work on the depth,shadows just right. A new art style "Filigree Abstract". I have taken a wee note on how you produced it,cheers for the share.
  18. Cool pointers from SB.and YM. Nice imaginative piece,well done. You got my vote in SotW. I liked the symbolic,minimalistic, clip art feel to it. If you wanted more perspective and depth (rule of thirds) you could move your bottom half down to a third giving you a completely different style. Two pieces for the price of one.Nice job.
  19. Industrial Strength,nice piece,you are coming on in leaps and bounds. The SotW sig, I liked the minimalism of this piece. Maybe something between the seedling and the barn, not so much out of focus, would help.
  20. It seems to be limitless what can be achieved with Clipwarp. You have produced another three crackers. Love the colours on all three and the in and out of focus on the first one.They are all smooth,glossy creative pieces. Nice job!
  21. Welcome to the forums. Cool start to your gallery.I like the way you have used the screen shots,you have some interesting ideas going on here. It's good to see a healthy active imagination at work. Keep it up.
  22. Congratulations Yellowman and Pixey.Cool entries from everyone.I really liked the minimalism of Ventor1 and Sasha's entries. Interesting new theme Yellowman. Big cheers NN.
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