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  1. As promised: Marabou Stork Nightmare. (c4d fun). Taken from the Irvine Welsh novel. Fairground Attraction. (mixed-media). http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/162/f/2/marabou_stork_nightmare__by_therawatom-d68lsib.png http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/097/7/4/fairground_attraction__by_therawatom-d60r4nh.png Enjoy.
  2. Excellent entry Mottoman, well deserved win. Well done BBQ. and Yelloman. Yet again another fun comp. Cheers Daniels. Love the new sig Sasha. Nice one.
  3. dug


    Late to the party again. Aurora and Solara both excellent pieces. Aurora does it for me,the colour of those eyes with that background,exquisite. I always enjoy checking out your new work. Great stuff.
  4. What a nice bunch of flowers and the wallpapers are not too bad either. I must be a Baby-Boomer also, waste nothing. I thought that was me just being Scottish. Anyway, excellent outcome and cool tips on how you created the pieces. I never thought about opening Jitter right up. I will have to try that. Thank you for the share and cool eye candy.
  5. Perfect colour scheme with wind like movement.Rush of Autumn very apt title.Nice one!
  6. Excellent start to your gallery. I like the moody, atmospheric style you have to your work,very interesting. Cool animation.
  7. You have been busy since my last visit, really like the simplicity and movement of the Devolution piece and the wolf is way cool.
  8. Nice start to your gallery,love your gallery banner very inventive. I did notice your posted samples for the various new plug-ins and I am glad you have started your own gallery. Well done keep up the good work.
  9. Sorry it has taken so long to reply but life sometimes gets in the way.(how dare it). Anyway thank you Red, BBQ., Helen, Welshy, DarkShock, Julio and Beta0. I really appreciate you taking the time and posting such cool comments. @ DarkShock In a bit of a dark mood trying to make it brighter. Hopefully in next few days, will have time to submit new work.
  10. Congratulations,Skullbonz, Helen, Yellowman and Oceana. Well done everyone else,great fun comp. Cheers Chimay,nice job.
  11. Font: Ash. DaFont. The rest PdN. with massive kaleidoscope abuse.
  12. Congratulations Helen,Cool entry. Well done everyone else.Fun comp. Nice hosting of your first comp Chimay. Well done and thank you.
  13. This looks like fun.All these great new plug-ins(cobweb as well ) and no time to play with them. Hope to have some time soon,this looks like another cracker, cheers for the share. Sorry,I meant to say nice examples EER,TR and NN79.
  14. Congratulations Helen,well done Welshy,Lloyd,Daniels and Sand33P. A big thanks to everyone who participated and took part in the voting. Cheers Daniels.
  15. Hi ma man, reads like everything is cool with you.Hope you enjoyed Bulgaria. Did the survey, but had to get my wife to do it as well.Thought I missed something. Anyway, glad to help out.
  16. Cheers BBQ. Just a bit of fun. The spawn was one of those happy accidents. I am Glad you liked it.
  17. OH! me again. It just means I really want to show off this image (more mixed media) than manip this time. Spawn PdN. Frog my photo. Blended with love. .Enjoy. http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/313/9/a/frog_spawn_by_therawatom-d6tkzxs.png
  18. Cheers Red for taking the time and the quite accurate analogy. Sweet. Beta0: Thank you for the cool comment.I am glad you like strange. DarkShock: I know what it is like to be lost.You should try being inside my head for just 10 mins.( great fun actually ). Daniels: Nice comment and excellent explanation. BBQ.: "Don't analyse just enjoy." Spot On! Cheers . Welshy: Cheers for the cool comment. How can anyone not like Guinness food and drink all in one. Helen: Thank you, you always say the nicest things. New piece- some abstract fun for a change. http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/313/5/c/loud_colours_by_therawatom-d6tl06q.png
  19. This looks like fun, cheers for the share, downloaded, off to play.
  20. Can only agree with what has been said,bright,vibrant,pastel and a cool colour combination. Nice one!
  21. Sorry a bit late you guys, but anyway all the best and lang may yer lums reek.
  22. Congratulations Helen ( strategically played ) Nice one. Well done everyone else. A really great, fun theme. Cheers DD. 16 comps,time doesn't have fly when your having fun. How dare life get in the way. Thanks for being such a cool host.
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