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  1. Thanks heres the actual final product from this tutorial. My current desktop background.
  2. Need some help with how to make the letters pop a little bit more.
  3. I dont agree. Its a style like any other and is just as valid. It is just a different type of creativity.
  4. Thx Dug. Dark shock thanks for the tips. That was my first time using a render. The text I kinda had no choice it was requested. I just couldn't figure out any other way than that. but I will definitely take your criticism for next time.
  5. Awesome Dug those are nice. I really enjoy looking at Bender and imagining his voice along with the picture. Here is one I recently finished for a friend.
  6. Aha now i understand Thanks for clearing that up for me
  7. maybe i missed something. Should i have done the gradient with the transparency option I take it..... Now I think I understand
  8. For some reason Im not getting ANY effect after initially applying the drop shadow to the gradient cant someone help please. What I mean is that there is no color change when using it.
  9. Thanks Barbie!! Off to find more things to do with PDN!
  10. I know im super late but im also super new hehe. Here is my take. I combined another tut with this one to get the final result.
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