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  1. Thanks heres the actual final product from this tutorial. My current desktop background.
  2. Great tut. Used it to make these for someone Twitter Header Twitter Background
  3. AhHHH. Its nice to be back. Its been a while. Scooter: love you r simplicity, however I think your current sig is even better. The color blending and your blur is top notch. Nitenurse: I'm a fan of yours but this one didn't do it for me. maybe it's just the style im not fond of ( looks like a rappers pendant on a chain lol) however I see no real issues With that being said this was a difficult choice. Both were great but it came down to personal preference. and for that I vote for scooter. Scooter:1 Nitenurse:0
  4. Hey guys lets keep this contest going. Please go VOTE
  5. Congrats to the top three you guys did great.
  6. Need some help with how to make the letters pop a little bit more.
  7. She* :-) But thanks for the correction. Yay Me!
  8. I dont agree. Its a style like any other and is just as valid. It is just a different type of creativity.
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