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  1. Yeah, it is great for that. And with version 4.0 that is in alpha stage, right now, it makes it SO much easier. Drag and drop layer editing, mouse wheel scrolling, several other new layer window features. It is amazing. The layer window has always been the bane of my PDN existence. It is easy to use, but was terribly user unfriendly. Now it is brilliant.
  2. Hi. Thanks, all. But to be clear, I did not create any of the base wallpapers, other than the Eternity Edition one with the view of Saturn. I simply injected the splinterface elements as layers in PDN. The splinterfaces were, essentially, "created" within PDN. From PDN I exported each icon separately and placed within Splinter. I did not mean to imply that I created the "rooms" or any of the background imagery.
  3. Thank you so much, that is very kind. Thank you!
  4. Hello, I am the developer of the software, Splinter, a new type of desktop interface/icon dock/file launcher/customizer. I have made about 20 or so splinterfaces, the outputs created with Splinter. All imagery was collaged within I have spent thousands of hours immersed within PDN in order to output what I have. While I am far from a great artist, thanks to PDN, I have been able to produce relatively attractive art for desktop interfaces as PDN has helped to hone my "skill", due to its ease of use and slight learning curve. Couldn't have done all this without PDN. Thanks Rick. Here are samples of various splinterfaces and a video link for my latest, Atlantis Edition. (It contains an interactive desktop level animated stargate). All splinterfaces can be downloaded from my deviantART gallery here. Atlantis Edition Splinter Poor Shunned Edition Splinter Shshin Edition Splinter Roonie Dishin Splinter Elegant Edition Splinter Friction Edition Splinter Addition Edition Splinter (Mario Page) Elegant Edition Splinter Page List Addition Edition Splinter (Splinter Page) Wishin Edition Splinter Addiction Edition Splinter Itchin Edition Splinter Unlimited Edition Splinter The(odore) Wood Edition Splinter Edition Edition Splinter Ballpin Edition splinter Addition Edition Splinter Page List Eternity Edition Splinter (Titan Surface Page) Atlantis Edition Splinter Splicon Map and Key Splinter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!