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  1. Wishful Thinking: A SOTW for another forum:
  2. The thing though is that it was meant to be a Black and White tag. There's no need for there to be color to fir the message. Color just adds more brightness and effects to make it pretty.
  3. I wanted to play with some C4Ds, but I feel I should of added more.
  4. Awe well thank ya hun It's just that some tools makes life a lot easier, but when I get my new PC built and I get a graphics tablet. I'll be using Black Ink a lot more with Paint.Net for other effects and minor details.
  5. My biggest issue is lighting and creating depth though. And the issue is that Paint.Net doesn't have all the big flashy tools that my friends who use PS, but they're impressed with what all I can do with free stuffs
  6. Here's some of my latest stuff I've made in the past few weeks. I started to change up how I do things and so far a lot of my other friends say they're coming along quite well.
  7. So I've been out for awhile doing what ever. Mainly just relaxing and such. I did this one in a bit of a hurry, more so just to kill time. There isn't a lot to it, just something a bit plain & simple I guess. Any C&C is accepted
  8. Here's another one I decided to call "Star Dust", due to how it looks. Seems to be in space with a dusty kinda vibrant look of colors and beauty.
  9. Here's a more so an abstract kinda thingy I made for the hell of it. I wanted to play more with other colors and see what I could do. Personally it looks quite nice
  10. Thanks I never really used the smudge tool before, and figured its time to venture into uncharted waters
  11. Just another smudge job I guess. I'm generally trying to work on smudging now and work with blending and such. Over time I'll add more into it. But for now this is what I got
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