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  1. Thanks Kemaru. It is very common in 2D games, like super mario brothers on snes for example to use sprites sheets. They are simple and easy to use. What this plugin will do is help create different animation sequences from them. It saves the animation sequences created as a text file that could be loaded into a game. No image data is saved; only the sequence info is saved. So with this tool the user must open the same image to do the animation again. I realize not every one is a hobby game designer but would like animations for web sites so I have been looking into saving alternatively
  2. dalescarborough, were you looking to wrap or shift an image by adjustable x and y amount? As for existing plugins there are a couple of seamless texture generators including "Tile Fill Addin" by dan9298, "Seamless Texture Maker" by MadJik. I haven't tried either but I would guess they would generate the texture from a selection. Therefor allowing to offset to an x,y pos in an image. Would this work for you?
  3. Carthaigh, I am a .net programmer as well and have released a few plugins and source code. I have been using vs2008 c# express. For SpriteSheet Plugin viewtopic.php?f=16&t=30121 or Convolution Filter viewtopic.php?f=16&t=29798. If only a simple GUI is needed I found deriving a class from PropertyBasedEffect is best way to go. It has support to generate the Dialog box from from the properties passed to it. BoltBait's burnator source attached is good example. The entire project is 1 cs file ~200 lines of code! Otherwise, use the template project to create own dialog. I would
  4. Thanks david, a majority of work was doing the GUI. The actual animation and grid drawing were fairly easy. Expect to see some updates soon!
  5. V1.3 Here is a little something for the hobby game programmers and artist out there, including myself. It is a plugin to test and design Sprite Sheets. For those that do not know a Sprite Sheet is a collection of images arranged in a grid used to make animations. This is done instead of having a bunch of image files. Hidden Content: About: This plugin will load each image from the grid to build a list of "frames". And from the list sequences can be created and animated. I am quite proud of the user interface. Drag and Drop is used to add and arran
  6. A toon filter with a 5x5, I've got matrix envy! A save/load would be nice. I would like to finish a different plugin first. It is something I have a personal interest in and am looking forward to getting done.
  7. Yes it looks like it can do Sobel operation with a little manual work. From what I read Sobel uses two kernels. I got decent results with the following procedure. Orig Image: I Cloned the original image twice Applied this Kernel to top layer and set to additive or lighten blending. [1, 2, 1] [0, 0, 0] [-1,-2,-1] Divisor 1, Bias 0 Applied this Kernel to other cloned layer (one below) [1, 0, -1] [2, 0, -2] [1, 0, -1] Divisor 1, Bias 0 And Flattening the two layers I got this result Also interesting is blending the original image with the Sobel result. With the orig
  8. Afraid not Ego Eram Reputo, this is not used to adjust the hue, brightness, and saturation as Paul had proposed in that article. This matrix is for blending the colors at a position with the neighbor colors to achieve different effects. The more common usages are for sharpening, blurring, edge detection, and emboss. That article did look interesting though.
  9. It is exactly as pyrochild said, with the addition that the bias is added after the matrix is applied. For anyone struggling try using the choosing some preset effects in the top right to load the kernel, divisor, and bias with preset values. In the screen shot it is set to "Identity". After loading one of the presets try adjusting the values to achieve a desired effect. As for documentation, I appologize but I did not think I needed to provide any. This is a very common technique with plenty of readily available information. And the values that have been used are well established. But
  10. Convolution Effect Version 1.2 Out! I think I am a better programmer than artist... so I decided to contribute with a convolution effect. I kept the kernel at a 3x3 to be cpu friendly. Maybe in another release I will give an option to choose the size. In my implementation I have included a quick drop down to set the kernel to some of the more common kernels including an identity, blur, sharpen, mean removal, edge detection. laplacian, and emboss. But with quick modifications it can come up with some very interesting effects. Have fun . I have uploaded both the dll effect file and th
  11. I have been working on an effect that can mix the channels (Alpha, Red, Green, Blue) in each color and perform addition and scaling on the channel. For each channel the following is done channel = ((source) + add) * scale IF Invert channel = 255 - channel The "source" can be - Alpha, Red, Green, Blue : standard channels in a color - Default : orig value of channel - Set : user defined value - intensity : color intensity If the source is "set" the value from track bar is used. The add amount is next applied and can be -255 to 255. The value can then be scaled (multiplied) by 0
  12. MadJik, that is a tricky way to get debugging to work. I did not change the output directory or configuration for my project, it is still Bin\debug. This is different from changing the working directory. Are you able to see the "View Plugin Load Errors ..." menu item when no plugins get loaded? This helped me a lot. Either way, glad to see you have a work-around.
  13. MadJik, if you open of the file menu do you see a menu item exclamation with that says "View Plugin Load Errors ..." errors? If this is there it will show a stack trace and you can figure out what is throwing an exception and why the plugin is not getting loaded. Also double check the plugin is copied to the effects directory when your project is built. Take a look at the date created of the file in the effects directory to make sure it is current. If you move the dll to the effects directory does it show up normally? I had the wrong namespace when loading the embedded image for the icon i
  14. This is how I was able to get debugging working with VS2008 C# Express Edition What is missing from the express edition is the start external program option. However, it can still be set manually in the "*.csproj.user" file found in the project directory. First I opened up the "*.csproj.user" file in notepad. It looked like: I added the following commands: Program C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\PaintDotNet.exe C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects Make sure these paths are correct for your own system This completes steps 1-5 from Rick's guide. Next open
  15. What I had in mind was using different layers as sources for doing an effect. Say if the user had two layers, is it possible for example make an effect to blend the layers. Sorry, if this question was a bit unrelated from my orig post. Just trying to find out what is possible. BoltBait had posted a "No" to this but the post was about 7 months old. Is this still the case?
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