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  1. Here's a nice easy technique you could play with: viewtopic.php?p=9710#p9710 If that doesn't work try rendering clouds on a separate layer then playing with the opacity & contrast for that layer.
  2. Necroposting :shock: @Anderpainter: You might like to check the date of the last post before you revive a dead thread. Now I guess a mod will lock this topic, so please continue this discussion by starting another thread.
  3. You can hard code the size of the font. If you set the absolute pixel size (16px as opposed to 1.2em for example), then the font won't resize with the rest of the page. Read more: BTW: this discussion might be best continued in the "Alfredo > Web Design Discussion" thread.
  4. It can't? What's this for then? viewtopic.php?f=16&t=28407 :wink:
  5. You went to the Tutorials+ section of this forum, right? Then you clicked on the sub-forum called "Text Effects", naturally. And of course you read through at least four topics that have 3D in the title? If not, that might be the best place to start :wink:
  6. Definately. Don't use text in your image! Use CSS to overlay the text over your image instead (image will be a background only). Now when the user resizes, the text will resize fluidly with the page. CSS can then be used to give you a nice mouseover (read: HOVER) effect very simply.
  7. When I went to school (Ok, it was a while ago) Log tables (with Sine, Cosine, Tangent and the anti-versions) were considered legal and essential in exams. The problem with calculators was that they could store stuff, and not just present data in table form. They give precision to four decimal places in an easy lookup table. I suggest you inquire as to their legality. Specifically we used Eton Statistical & Math Tables. I still have mine (any carry it with me). Its only 29 years old!
  8. I'm not sure that this will help, but it's worth a look: viewtopic.php?p=232278#p232278 I believe that 3.5 is all you need as it builds on 2.0.
  9. Sine tables. Look up the value of 3/5 (0.6). Its somewhere between 30 and 40 degrees.
  10. Try searching these terms: "Toon Filter", "Pencil Sketch" and "Isolate Lineart" Here's the link to the custom search:
  11. No problem at all. I forgive you not using the search function because I wouldn't have found it myself unless I'd seen it before, and known to search for the terms "Glow" and "Line" Remember that the forums built-in search is not as good as this one: Welcome to the forum!
  12. This is what I would have tried. You know you can use the nubs to shift the gradient around right? (therefore alignment shouldn't be too much of a problem :wink: ). Try lowering the opacity of the gradient layer to lower the severity of the effect.
  13. Here's a nice and simple rollover technique that enjoys cross browser compatibility: ... tons.shtml The beauty of this technique is that you only need two images. The best (IMHO) method to create these dual images is to recolor the background of your original and then use File>>"Save as" to save out the altered second image. If your original image has separate text and background layers this technique is even easier.
  14. You could also try the WhichSymbol plugin (link in my sig). This plugin accesses the symbols and characters in the fonts that you have installed. "Wingdings" in particular has numerous cool symbols.
  15. All good points. Also perhaps the layer you are typing on is obscured by another layer?
  16. UAC :?: Now there's a DOOM tie in :!: How many times have you walked by a wall with UAC stamped on it?
  17. Or click this link and type in "install plugin" :
  18. There is also the option to import an image directly into a new layer (you don't need to create the layer first). Look in the layers menu for the "import from file" option. Link:
  19. Oma has pointed out that the Panelling plugin parallels what I did with ShiftIt. I shall discard ShiftIt in favour of the superior Panelling plugin. I would still value opinions on the other two tools.
  20. Aside from recreational drugs you mean? Try searching for "Magic Eye" and see if you can find any untried viewing tips. If you find one that works for you, please let us know! Aside from that - sorry, I just build 'em.
  21. When developing the techniques to create Stereograms (stereogram tutorial), I came up with a number of plugin tools to make the work easier. I'm wondering if these should be released to the general forum? ShiftIt.dll The first tool I developed. It simply moves a layer/selection by a number of pixels. Directions are Left/Right and Up/Down. This tool was useful at first (especially when I needed to repeat the shift multiple times and could do so with Ctrl+F :wink: ), but became largely obsolete after I developed the next two. PDN has to have some way of doing this that I missed right? Echo.dll Tiles from the top left corner in selectable width/height strips. Made to ease the creation of stereogram backgrounds. In the end I was doing this so often I made a Scriptlab script to hack out backgrounds in the twinkling on an eye! Running this plugin replaces steps 3-9 in the tutorial. Although I didn't use the vertical tiling when creating backgrounds, it seemed appropriate to include this facility in the plugin. [edit] run it on an entire layer, not a selection [/edit]. Backfill.dll The heart of the stereogram technique is the backfilling. This plugin takes the cutout element and makes both the initial right shift (step 17) and also does the backfilling (steps 18-26) in one go. You'll find these three plugins in the (temporary) folder Effects>>Stereogram for evaluation purposes. I'm almost certain to release "Backfill", and tempted to release "Echo". Does "ShiftIt" merit release? Your opinions are welcomed. Stereogram
  22. You need Simon Brown's watermark plugin. His original plugin (EasyWatermark) was discontinued and replaced with an improved version called "PDNWatermark". Here's the link to the custom search tool: Your search term should be (of course) "PDNWatermark"
  23. When you select the text tool , a menubar appears allowing you to change the font, size, etc.., Use the font dropdown box to select a neat looking font and then increase the size to your hearts content. for more on this: Click Here (these helpfiles are available if you press F1 :wink: ). Text is written using the currently selected Primary color. Change that and your text will change too.
  24. Are you trying to create the scene from scratch, or do you have a photo you wish to enhance? If the latter, try this plugin: Sparkle For information on how to use and install plugins: Click here