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  1. EER, thank you, ill check it out and see what i can come up with. right now im trying to perfect the text/font option! HERE WE GO!
  2. EER, thanks, i actually used a file that a buddy of mine created and just added the fonts to that. Now im trying to look for some tutorials online for paint.net
  3. EER, Thank you, i have added that search link to my favorites! appreciate that. Here is what ive done so far http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p227 ... /promo.jpg still a rookie with Paint.net but im learning.
  4. OMA, appreciate your time! i believe its Kana, now time to search how to add it to my paint.net! here i go!
  5. Im sure ya'll see questions like this a lot but curious on how to get the font used on this cover. The font is used on the wording STEREOLIZED. any kind of assistance will be appreciated.
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