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  1. You could see some info at the bottom of the first post: Edited yesterday at 09:27 AM by toe_head2001 Fixed broken links
  2. personal photo, reworked detail of gargoyles on the cathedral of Moulins (Allier, France)
  3. Mix of two pictures from my own collection...
  4. Listening to this song while I'm updating the postimg broken links makes me feel like a robot...
  5. Layers and blending modes are really useful in a lot of cases. 1. add a layer, 2.fill it with black and 3.F4 to set the blend mode to Lighten 4.Spot white dots where you want the glow to be placed 5.Run the effect Star glow
  6. On your picture you could try this mini 120 maxi 120 radius 30 If you want to place the glow yourself: 1. add a layer, 2.fill it with black and 3.F4 to set the blend mode to Lighten 4.Spot white dots where you want the glow to be placed 5.Run the effect Star glow
  7. Yes selection is made with mini-maxi Could you share this image?
  8. New version of HexaGrid: Update 2018-04-15: -Color picker to select colors (more choice) -dark theme @dipstick No offence I can't handle older version of paint.net. Instead this is a link to the source code if you want to compile it. http://jcljay.free.fr/pdn/HexaGridSRC.zip
  9. Hi @lifeday I download and install the dll without problem. Could you try the effect with this image: edit: mini 254, maxi 255, radius 60 or give the image you are using... The effect needs to detect whitest pixels to draw a glow. Then it won't work on: -white image -monocolor image
  10. As you said, the problem isn't solved. Postimg.org is still locked. Login to your account works because it is postimage.org. New links with old or new images work because there is a automatic path transition from postimg.org to postimg.cc. Old links in the forum are still broken...
  11. To restore the image it need to change the path from postimg.org to postimg.cc. This task is not easy with the text editor of the forum . I'm not prepared to redo all my posts. Is it possible to make this replacement by a query on the database? Or have a HTML editor...
  12. @toe_head2001 It works! Many thanks, you're the best!
  13. All of my hosted images are in Postimage.org I can connect and see them. But the links are not working like in this thread: Testing a thumsnail link: Edit : the link to the image is https://postimg.cc/image/fzore48bx/
  14. I'm trying to add the color picker button to my hexagrid plugin. It seems ok but I'm facing a problem already present in your source code. With your plugin Hystogram run the effect a first time and change the colors of the bars and some values, then Ok. Open the effect another time, the colors on the buttons are back to initials colors. This isn't the usual behave of a plugin. I can't see how to make it works. Extra trouble with the dark theme I had to remove the groupboxes because the fonts remain black.... HexaGridSRCv2.zip
  15. Fractal Curly Tree NEW! This effect uses a fractal algorithm to draw a curly tree. https://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=112667 @Ego Eram ReputoCopied/paste from spoiler it appears as a spolier too but I can't see nor remove it. Help please...
  16. Fractal Curly Tree What's this? This effect uses a fractal algorithm to draw a curly tree. based on source code available at http://csharphelper.com/blog/2016/02/draw-a-curly-tree-fractal-using-less-memory-in-c/ Download it! Plugin FractalTree.dll Here is the DLL http://jcljay.free.fr/pdn/FractalTree.zip The MadJik's All plugins package is available! http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=7186 How to install Close Paint.net Classic version of Paint.net Unzip and (re)place the DLL in your Effect folder usually: C:/Program Files/Paint.NET/Effects (please reverse / for correct path) Microsoft Store version of Paint.net Unzip and (re)place the DLL in your Effect folder usually: My Documents/paint.net App Files/Effects (please reverse / for correct path) You have to adapt for your language My Documents How does it work? The effect first calculates the size of the tree and then defines a ratio to make it fit in the selection. This is why the result is always inside. The User interface This plugin is added to the menu Effects, submenu Render. Level (higher = slower) Number of levels to draw a tree. High level give more details but could take more time and CPU. Start angle Rotation adjustment of the tree. Default is vertical for the first segment.. Link angles (B = -A) Check it for a symmetric tree, angle of left branches is negative angle of the right branches. Angle A/B Two angles adjustments for two branches at each new level. Link length (B = A) Check it for equal lengths between left and right branches. Length A/B (higher = slower) Two lengths adjustments for two branches at each new level. Start Thickness Adjust the thickness of the first segment. The thickness is reducing at each new level and it is adjusted by the ratio of the tree vs the canvas. Margin Add a margin around the tree from point to point. It doesn’t use the thickness in care to calculate the margin. Transparency Adapt the transparencies of the elements of the segments, Invert horizontal/vertical Check boxes to mirror the tree horizontally or vertically. End caps style Select the ends cap style of the lines. Use full area (no aspect ratio) The tree is placed depending on its dimensions compared with the size of canvas but keep a ratio for the aspect. Check to fill the maximum area without the aspect ratio. Use palette of colors By default, the tree use the color wheel (primary color). When checked, each segment use a color from the active palette. Color If “Use palette of colors” is unchecked, you could choose another color to draw the tree. Add shadow Check this to draw a dark segment before the color segment making a small relief shadow on the tree. Examples and with more work: Voilà! Enjoy!
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