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  1. I think that's an understatement but thanks for the suggestion
  2. yes that's more like it. I will try that thanks again for helping me
  3. Thanks a ton, for the effort Pixey. It really doesn't though. I need the pattern to run along the body of the snake -not cover it, like you've done here. Thanks again for trying to help me. I really appreciate it
  4. I need to bend this 2d 'viking-pattern' object along a certain shape. Basically I need to cover the snake I've attached with the pattern. I was hoping I could just tap it with the Magic Wand tool and then bend it like you bend a regular line -you know with several "warp-points". I can only stretch it vertically or horizontally though. I hope you understand what I mean. I have tried the Grid Warp tool but I can't do it by bending the dimension it's part of. Hope that makes sense. ps. I'm using a localized version of paint.net so I have translated the names of the tools myself.