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  1. @Chamster Steps 1 & 2 could be done by Ctrl + Alt + V (paste to new image)...
  2. You should try this plugin : https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/30002-trs-custom-random-filler-january-28th-2015/?tab=comments#comment-416696
  3. Hi @masonh The version you mentioned was a work in progress version. I removed the broken DL link. You could use the step factor to go over the limits -2 to 2.
  4. I always have a look from time to time on the forum.
  5. Where could I download the updated version? CodeLab from BoltBait site still reverts the value to 0.
  6. @welshblue This isn't a bug. The sliders are linked eachother to be sure Minimum is always less (or =) to Maximum and vice-versa. Set the two sliders to max and move down the Maximun then Minimun will follow...
  7. @xod i looked at this code and made some changes to it: Amount3 is Double for more precision (Amount4 might be an angle chooser…) Amount5 added Both (new)Amount6 to draw the circle (may be add the external circle…) In DrawTextOnCircle: Added // Calculate the Start angle to have text centered.
  8. This makes me remember this tuto: It will be quite laborious too...
  9. The dropdown list is populated from the actual year… It means next year the last choice in the list will be + 1 (2033). edit:Perhaps a slider -100 <--- year ---> +100 would be better for a bigger range and will offer the possibility to key in the year... (Birth month of grandpa…)
  10. @Eli thank you for the report. Fixed with new version 1.2.6. Added alternative choice for coords without X Y.
  11. Print white? Is your printer able to print with white ink ? On screen do you use background layer, if so make it every color you want execpt white (black, green, pink).
  12. Hi, You could use several recoloring Tools and plugins: Menu Adjustments/Curves... Menu Adjustments/Conditional Hue/Saturation... link : https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/885-index link : https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/1768-index link : https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/111672-index
  13. @Major Thank you. If you mean to have a frame outside the picture with a white gap between, like this: You could draw a white frame first and another frame smaller. But they still overlay a part of the original image. The idea of @toe_head2001 is the only way to keep the image intact. @Eli this is an issue I added to my todo list. Thanks for the report (the only one in 10 years!) The frame works well with no selection (full canvas).
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