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  1. Oh, that's a nice tip. Thanks! Got a few more along that line? Especially, picking a color with the keyboard would be niceā€¦ That's always the part that gets me annoyed the most. I haven't figured out a way to record a macro consisting of consecutive key presses but I'm sure it's possible somehow. However, that magic requires that a shortcut is available and mousing in on a color is hardly doable from such a macro.
  2. Yeah, it might be me using the terminology incorrectly. Sorry about that. How do I set up a macro including the change of the color? I'm not sure if there's a shortcut for that.
  3. I have a very common scenario where I copy a piece of the screen and perform the following operations. Paste into the PDN. Fit the canvas (either expand by saying yes to the wizard or, most often, crop by CTRL+SHIFT+x). Switch tool to Shapes (by "o"). Switch shape type (by "a"). Increse the border width to 11px (by "]" a few times). Set the color to red (by mousing in, which is an absolute pain because there's no shortcut for that as far I understand). After that I mark what I'd like to highlight and copy the result. It producing great results but is a bit tedious, so I'm assuming there's a macro or plugin doing precisely that. I've googled around but haven't got much luck locating such. Where is it or how do I set up one myself in a fairly lazy way? An extra bonus wish, to make great into perfect, would be setting the outside of the marked area to blurred, darker and/or de-saturated color. Then, I'd be able to mark my stuff to be highlighted and type a shortcut for all the above to be carried out automagically. Is it possible and if so how?
  4. OK, but still, how can I automate at least parts of the process? Especially the mundane selecing a color, changing the width of the surrounding square and blurring?
  5. When I create images for my presentation I do the following. Pick a not so horny rectangle. Change the width to 5. Change the color to red. Select the area to be emphasized. Invert the area. Blur out the rest. Select the area to be emphasized again. Widden the selection by a certain amout in each direction. Crop. Is there a way to create a macro, plugin or whatever magic there might be to my disposal to automate the process? Ultimately, I'd like to do this. Select the areato be emphasized. Pick something form the menus or punch a shortcut. If there is a way, I'd be sooo happy...
  6. There should be. At least via a plugin. Where do you find the DropShadows Widening feature? I can't find it...
  7. Using CTRL & Co. I can add and subtract pixels from the selection. However, I'd like to learn how I easily can widden (or narrow) the areas by exacly one (1) pixel. Preferably without going through a bunch of menus.
  8. I'm very often at the following scenario. The task is to create images for a guide document. I'm opening a screen-shot of a web page and I'm supposed to highlight some areas. This input box in red, that button group in blue etc. Later in the text, I refer to them as "the blue marked item", "the yellow area" etc. Now, I do that in several steps, by copying, creating layers, setting up the opaqueness, merging, correcting, swearing and so on. Not convenient at all. So, my question is twosome. Is there (or can one create easily) a tool that marks an area with color X so that the border is opaque and the area is semi-translucent? Is there a smoother way of achieving that (especially if I'd like the created marking areas to be resizable after the save?
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