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  1. @xod Do you meant Histograms? This seems to be a bar graph generator (histogram) and definitly not a way to rework the histogram of colors in a picture. In which way it is unfinished, what would you want to to add? Why not use Excel or equivalent to handle all this? You still could save the graph as an image and rework it in paint.net.
  2. As @IRON67 shows, the line 41 is the right place. You have to find the path to your picture. When you use paint.net to open this sig, you could find the path when you click in the address box. in this example E:\pdn Add the name of the file to obtain E:\pdn\sig.png then put this in the code line 41 (don't forget the "@" before the quote Check Amount1 (personal sig)is true as well Amount15=true.(my sig is a picture). It should work: You meant the two pictures after the first one? I'm using the dark theme with paint.net and codelab. You could figure out where these pictures are from if you read the top left corner (CodeLab 3..3) Start CodeLab then Open a file and look for the file Signature.cs.
  3. Thank you, updated in the signature kit... @Pixey thank you for having a try. Ask for help when you need. @AndrewDavid thank you too. BTW have you seen this tuto?
  4. Signature stamp What's this? This is a fast way to add a signature stamp to your art. To make it even faster I provide you the source for CodeLab so you could personalize your signature and compile your own plugin with it. Doing this, adding your favorite signature to your art will be as short as Menu Effect/Signature/Ok. Done! This plugin was made using CodeLab v3.3. Download it! No dll, you’ll have to use CodeLab to create your own. Here is the Signature kit zip file http://jcljay.free.fr/pdn/Signature.zip It contains: - Signature.cs: source code for CodeLab (need personalization the first time). - Signature.png: image/icon. - Frame.png: frame sample you could use as a base (add your text inside). - Signature.dll: yes you could have a built version… - Install_Signature.bat: Run this program to install Signature.dll (paint.net must be closed). The MadJik's All plugins package is available! http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=7186 How to install Unzip the Signature kit file Install Signature.dll using Install_Signature.bat To personalize your signature Open Paint.net and play with the plugin to find the Signature you want When it’s good, make a note of the settings you used (or screenshot). Open CodeLab Open Signature.cs -line 10: Amount1, replace false by true -line 24: if your Signature is a picture, Amount15, replace false by true -line 41 to 52: Put here ONLY the settings (from your note or screenshot) you want to be fix. Be sure these settings are locked by Amount1 in the lines 11-24 To use a picture, save it using an easy path (e:\pdnsig\sig18-02.png) NB: In the source you must type double slashes \\ in the text path Amount2. (like line 54) or use @ like: Amount2 = @"e:\pdn\sig02-2018.png"; (Amount6 and Amount7 in the source are unlocked, Amount2 is locked, once built and “Personal signature” checked you could change the position and the margin, but you can’t change the text). Build the dll, close paint.net Run Install_Signature.bat from your desktop (must be success!) For Microsoft Store version of Paint.net You can’t use the Install_Signature.bat. (Re)place the DLL in your Effect folder usually: My Documents/paint.net App Files/Effects (please reverse / for correct path) You have to adapt for your language My Documents The User interface This plugin is added to the menu Effects, no submenu to save a click. NB: depending how deep you changed the source the interface could be different. Personal signature When checked, the settings hardcoded will override the interface. Uncheck to be able to fully use the interface. NB: By default, the signature text is empty and the font is set to the first of the list. Signature text Your text here… It could also be a valid path to an image. Check last checkbox in this case. NB: only one slash when you use the interface. Size (10=100% for image) Size of the font to use. Effect Zoom/Reduce on the image sig, 10=100%, 5=1/2 size, 20=2x size. Font Select the font name you want. You could use the cursor arrows up/down to see other fonts. NB: By default, the font is the first name of the list. It depends the fonts installed on your system. Margin Set the distance of the signature (text or image) to the border of the canvas. NB: Negative value could be used for some fonts that have their own margin you want to reduce. Position Choose the position of the signature (text or image). AntiAlias As it says… No effect on the image sig. Draw with secondary color Choose to use the secondary color for -outline, -trail, -empty rectangle -filled rectangle. No effect on the image sig. Fore color / Back color / transparency Initialized with the primary and secondary colors. You could change the colors and transparency using the interface. It could be necessary depending your picture (too bright or too dark). No effect on the image sig. Swap colors Swap the two colors when checked. No effect on the image sig. Text is a valid path to an image.png Check this box to say the text is a path to the image you want to use as signature. The Examples: Voilà! Enjoy! Let me see what you could do with it! Need help with the source? If you want some help with your version of the source code, please ask your question in this thread and include your code in your post. Edit: Save your work as pdn file with a specific layer for the signature if you want to change it later... Edit2 (new version 2018-02-12): New version: - Some more comments inside the code for better understanding (IMO). - Slider Size works with images (10=100% no resize, 20=resize 2x, 5=reduce 50%) (thanks @BoltBait for the idea and the routine) - Drop down lists with numbers (easier to write the code) - Secondary color choice could draw a rectangle (text only) - Catch error to avoid crash if the image can't be found. Known (Codelab?) issues: -Text in the RegionUI is destroied when you use the UI editor and when you build the DLL. -Trailing spaces are trunked (if you want to enlarge the rectangle, it is possible to use Alt+0160 instead space) -Font name is useless as a preliminary choice, the first name of the list of font is always shawn when you run the effect. -Some font families make the calculation of the text size wrong (position of the rectangle or margin could look unexpected).
  5. This tuto uses plugins from @pyrochild, @MJW, @TechnoRobbo and @dpy Thanks to them too...
  6. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Canyon rocks, Starships, Stalactites/Stalacmites 02-2018 This tutorial will guide you to create some fancy volumes that could be compared to rocks of canyon and or stalactites/stalacmites. A lot of other "volumes" could be created using this method with some adjustments (ex: starships)... Starting with this tutorial, plus extra steps and time I made this image (original is 4000x2000). Plugins needed: Texture Object Rounder https://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=111754 Gravity https://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=7968 Plugins optional: Moire https://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=8450 Random Shape Fill https://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=10633 TR's Custom Random Filler https://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=30002 Anti Aliasing < no swearing >istant https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/16643-dpys-plugin-pack-2014-05-04/ Let's start... 1.Create a new image 800x600. 2.Create a new layer (above the white background). 3.Use any way you want to draw something on the canvas. The restriction is to draw thin shapes not too close to the borders of the image. -use the pencil or pen -use Random Shape Fill -use render plugins (Random Shape Fill, TR's Custom Random Filler) -use texture plugins (Julia+, moire) -a mix of this... My example: Effect/Render/Random Shape Fill, set Minimum fill opacity (last slider) to 255, press ok, press Ctrl+F (redo to have more shapes). 4.Run Effect/Distort/Gravity (default values). 5.Run Effect/Height map/Texture Object Rounder... -Check Show Shading (and leave it checked). -Play with Height Map Scale and Texture Height Scale to have more/less contrast. 6.The result -Fill the background folder with a color (not white) to see the result. 7.Some Adjustment -Often the bottom part is white. Delete it and repeat the effect Gravity. 8.Finishing -Add a new layer -Fill it with a gradient from Blue(top) to Rose(Bottom)... Ok you could test other colors... -Press F4 to set the blend mode to Multiply. My other example: -Create a layer for each element of the complex objet. Here one color per layer per element: -Run Effect/Height map/Texture Object Rounder on each layer. (change settings to adapt the light or the shadows) (try to rotate the image if the rounded effect isn't "tasty" enought) (you could need to run anti aliasing < no swearing >istant on each layer) -Add a background In this example, I used the plugin TR's Custom Random Filler to fill the dark background... And Moire with alpha(transparency) to create the artefact lying on the floor.
  7. Any smartphone? Just to let you see the quality of the picture is the biggest part of this task... All pictures from my smartphone (thumbnails, click to enlarge): Smartphone in hand: Smartphone put stable on a mug, with external light: Smartphone put stable on a mug, with flash: Smartphone put stable on a mug, without flash but ISO adjustment:
  8. PC and SC must be defined before the if...
  9. Google image seach for your coin tou find a picture with the mintmark, copy/paste to your own picture the missing détails. Serously, try with a professionnal camera in a white/light room (not a webcam)...
  10. I don't get it! Which plugin ? -Rotate color -Panelling -Kaleidoscope There is a plugin "recolor from palette". Rotate color is most for image with few colors 3 to 20. Test it with a flag (US, UK Fr...).
  11. I have this in my unpublished stock RotateColor.dll It works better with low numbers of colors. Otherwise, create a layer with vertical stripes. Duplicate and use panelling to slide one stripe. Redo till the rotation is complete. Then use the kaleidoscope with 4 pièces and rotation 45° on each layers Save as animated gif. Better quality gif
  12. Thank you, make with Lens Flare, distance 0... + TG plugins tests... Next is:
  13. Hi @kevin3120 and welcome to the forum. Is it possible for you to open a session using the local console of the server and test paint.net? Is the problem the same? Terminal Server is sending an image of the virtual session to the client PC. Paint.net is a program made to work with image. Both could work waiting for each other while the client PC should be refreshed.
  14. Settings for the first heart LF_Heart.zip Update 2018-01-27: - New shape Heart: idea to prepare Valentine's day....
  15. Settings for the first heart LF_Heart.zip Update 2018-01-27: - New shape Heart: idea to prepare Valentine's day.... https://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=112248
  16. Last changes: 2018-01-27 Added new effect Change Extreme Colors. https://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=112347
  17. @lynxster4 Thank you for sharing this great result. update 2018-01-27 (thanks to @ReMake - Visual studio version - Linked sliders (instead greyed). - Translation to French and Russian
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