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  1. Good win Mottoman, nice entry nice blue shades. Congratulations to barbieq and to Yellowman. Good all round entries. Fun comp well hosted - Thanks Daniels.
  2. Purely a coincidence Call it a tribute. Thanks for the update, works much better now. (edit) Forgot to say thank you to EER & barbieq.
  3. Great for creating faux frames on a new layer after running the effect. Only one issue, after opening the plug in and setting the slider to 18 (as I did on the below image) The slider value jumped to 20
  4. I recall that it was answered for you here - http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/19517-beginner-image-merging-image-heavy/page-2#entry401262
  5. Great win Helen Well done to Welshblue / Daniels / Dug / SAND33P Nice to share placings with many tallents. Good fun, great entries all round, thanks for your hosting Daniels.
  6. It used to be a fun competition. It will no longer get my support. And yes Barbieq25 - I read it all You make valid points.
  7. Rule #5. "Don’t violate copyright laws with found images; links to source images would be courteous" @ Barbieq25 - Where in the brief does it mention that this comp is a render only comp?
  8. @ Welshblue - I was reffering to Chimay12321's statement and not yours.
  9. I do not have an issue or problem with anyone using things that are pre-made, I do have a problem with people pasting a stack of renders from everywhere and entering a competition with them. Some entries have used stocks, but they have used them in a creative way. It seems that under a new host this competition is turning into a "Rules will be broken when the host see's fit to do so" And for the record I did not state that I would ban C4D sigs or photo manipulation sigs. I have used stocks in the past.
  10. So basically you used Paint.net to assemble all the components that are pre-made from elsewhere ? Not exactly a Paint.net competition entry then.
  11. Just out of curiosity. What percentage of Paint.net was used when KarasuFate & Chimay12321 made their entries in sotw#94 ? and where are the links to stocks used (rule #5) ?
  12. Great win Helen Well done to Oceana / Sasha / SAND33P / Daniels. Nice to share placings with many tallents. Good fun, great entries all round, well organised by Drew.
  13. I really do like the entry from Oceana in the Admin & Moderators sig of the week competition, glassy text and a background that looks like silk
  14. Great win Welshblue Well done to Barbieq25 / Pixey / Skullbonz / Dug. Good fun, great entries all round, well organised by Daniels.
  15. Slightly rusty after sometime off a PC. But here is my entry.
  16. Thank you Daniels. I finally have a little free-time back again.
  17. Long time since I entered. Bike adapted from This image
  18. Make that three of us. I read it first as 'broken' Looks like it could be a good plug-in to explore. Decent example DrewDale. It looks like a lot of other plug-in's were used to get that final image.
  19. Good friends of mine, in fact Peter Heppner of the group is my Son's Godfather. Still a good song 10 years on.
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