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  1. Thank you also. A useful pack.
  2. You will find the download link at the bottom of post #1 on page #1 of this thread. It is working on my machine using paint.net V4.0.
  3. Wonderful new features, very nice new layout. Well done on completion of V4 Rick.
  4. A highly interesting plugin, well done EER, TechnoRobbo and Red ochre. Many thanks for this.
  5. Great work skullbonz. I am out of reps for the day, but will return and award one. Very impressive.
  6. Indeed yes. Thanks for the creation TechnoRobbo. Fun to be had.
  7. Thank you for the update. Useful plugin to have.
  8. Sadly I did not have chance to enter this one, but congratulations to Pixey, I would buy a case of your wine for sure. Nice ideas from the other entrants. I hope to take part in the next round. Good hosting Daniels.
  9. You will need to pick your colours before you do your gradient.
  10. Very good entries from people on here, so much creativity. Well done doughty, sorry to read of your cat passing. Well done also to Skullbonz and Yellowman. A fun topic and well hosted by Chimay. @ Pixey - Or like Wine and more Wine
  11. Would this end up being a plug in at some point ? It looks very useful.
  12. Rant: Taxi drivers who insist on giving you their life story....I apologise if anyone on here is in that profession, but please just shut up and drive.
  13. Also I have the same problems as mottoman an Goonfella. New version is in the effects folder, but no show in the menu
  14. A very good plug in, I have used it as inspiration for the sig of the week#103. I can see a lot of potential use with this. Thank you TechnoRobbo.
  15. Some use of Techno Robbo's new Drum skin plugin http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/28103-trs-drum-skin/
  16. Thank you Welshblue. I knew that song would always come back to haunt
  17. Good win Pixey, striking design. Congratulations to Doughty, Welshblue and to Skullbonz. Good all round entries. Fun comp well hosted - Thanks Daniels.
  18. I obtained the flower from this Brush Pack
  19. I could just imagine how daunting it would be for a new comer to paint.net, being faced with a mountain of plugin's. The freedom to install what you need when or if you need it is ideal.
  20. Impressed that I got a placing. Congratulations to Welshblue and Helen on joint first place. Well done also to Drew and Mottoman. Thanks to Daniels once more on his hosting work.
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